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Kenneth Tong gets it very wrong

kenneth tong.jpgHave you heard of Kenneth Tong? If you're a keen tweeter, you've probably either read about him or campaigned against him in the last couple of days. So who is he?

Apparently, Tong is a man who feels he must spread the word about "managed anorexia." And how all women should be a size zero.

You might remember him entering the Big Brother house a few years ago to join his girlfriend. He wasn't particularly popular back then either.

But now he's upset pretty much everyone by stating on Twitter that size zero is the only size a woman should be. Repeatedly. While touting a size zero drug he's in the process of testing. He uses the term 'managed anorexia' to encourage vulnerable young women to stop eating in order to become a size zero. He's also in the habit of calling anyone over a size zero fat and disgusting.

Some might say addressing his tweets gives him the exposure he craves. But by addressing his tweets, we're addressing a worrying underground trend for pro-anorexia individuals and groups. An issue that very much needs highlighting and stopping.

You see Kenneth, there is no such thing as 'managed anorexia.' You're promoting the idea that women should starve themselves to death to fit your particular ideal. And frankly, that's disgusting.

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Womens health

Size 12 women think they're 'too fat'

weight.jpgApparently, only 1 in 17 size 12 women consider themselves slim. It should probably be noted that this statistic came from a study by Slimming World, who have access to a lot of women on a diet. But it's still sad to see so many people unhappy at a size that sits several sizes below the national average of 16.

Which makes me wonder what a 'normal' size is now. The majority of celebs promoting their exercise videos at the moment are either a size 6 or 8, suggesting that anything above that weight is overweight. But a size 12 for a lot of women (obviously depending on height) is within a healthy BMI range.

The survey went on to reveal that excess weight causes the individual emotional anxiety on a daily basis. People who consider themselves overweight have negative thoughts about their size in at least five everyday situations. This could be anything from looking in the mirror to trying on something on while out shopping.

Are you a size 12? Are you happy with your weight?

Posted by Emma Cossey on January 5, 2011 10:17 AM in Women's "Ishoos"| Womens health
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Women become nervous when their partner is in the car

driving.jpgI'm a very nervous driver. Particularly when my boyfriend, someone who drives for a living, is in the car with me. It turns out, I'm not the only one. A new survey by the Institute of Advanced Motorists suggests that 15% of women feel nervous when their partner is in their car. A further 8% never feel relaxed when their other half is in the car. Funnily enough, only 5% of passengers are actually nervous, so perhaps we're worrying for nothing.

The survey went on to reveal that men are generally more confident behind the wheel, but both sexes are equally likely to admit to speeding, poor parking or losing their temper.

Perhaps as a result, men are four times more likely to drive when out and about as a couple as women are. This only changes after a night out, when the woman is more likely to drive them home.

So why are women more nervous than men behind the wheel? Is it down to confidence rather than skill?

Image: CarlosLie

Womens health

Husband tells wife "I'll divorce you if you get fat"

loseweightnowimage.jpgIn a week when the majority of the UK has eaten their body weight every day in chocolate, carbs, cheese and cocktails, the last thing we really want to read is a guilt trip about our weight. But one Daily Mail writer won't be going back for seconds, as her husband has warned her that he'll divorce her if she puts on weight.

Samantha Brick is a slim size 10, and is married to her French husband Pascal. Pascal has some pretty severe rules when it comes to Samantha's eating habits. When Samantha recently got gastroenteritis, he exclaimed 'Imagine how much weight you're ­losing! This is great for your figure!'

Last year, Pascal gave her an exercise bike for Christmas - and checks how many kilometres she's cycled and how long it's taken her on a daily basis.

He even checks her shopping bags when she returns from the supermarket.

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Posted by Emma Cossey on December 30, 2010 2:57 PM in Marriage| Women's "Ishoos"| Womens health
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Women's "Ishoos"

Don't believe the hype - your thirties will be brilliant

Every where I turn people seem to be terrified of turning thirty. My facebook news feed is full of invites to events called "Oh my god I'm ancient!" or "Please help me drink enough to forget I'm 30". Elsewhere in the press I have read articles this week on experiencing a quarter life crisis as you approach thirty and how upsetting it is actually to be in your thirties. Come on ladies, let's try and get a bit of perspective here! Not least because your thirties truly are the best decade of your life.

The first thing I'll say is that you do need to do a bit of ground work to make sure that you have the very best time in your thirties. Your late twenties are the time to take stock of where you are in life, work out what it is that you really want and set about getting it. Get your head straight up front and I guarantee that you will love your thirties, no matter what your situation. Here are a few reasons why.

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Posted by Queen Victoria on July 15, 2010 3:17 PM in Women's "Ishoos"
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Yay Or Nay

Yay or nay: the anti-rape jacket

Thumbnail image for antirapejacket.pngEarlier this week we asked whether you'd carry a rape alarm.

There seemed to be lots of reasons not to - it might go off accidentally in your bag in the middle of a shop, humiliating you shrilly as you frantically search through your keys and lipsticks to turn it off.

And if you do manage to locate it and turn it on during an attack, people will pay as much attention to it as they do to car alarms, and leave you to fend off the attacker yourself. Possibly, the best we could hope for is temporarily deafening him.

So what do we think of this anti-rape jacket?

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Our bodies, ourselves

Do you carry a rape alarm?

rapealarmdollymix.jpgA review of rape alarms over on Shiny Shiny got me thinking. I've never carried one. It has occurred to me that I should get one. I live in a not too swanky area of London and I walk home from the bus stop alone late at night. Sometimes, quite worse for wear. So why aren't I carrying a rape alarm?

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Posted by Sian Meades on July 16, 2009 6:18 PM in Our bodies, ourselves| Women's "Ishoos"
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Women's "Ishoos"

Mummy, what's a sanitary towel? Kotex brochure from the 1930s

3590266336_441b166eb5.jpgWe've already sounded off about the patronising myths perpetuated by 'lady' advertising; pointless footage of menstruating women blithely undertaking everyday pursuits like skydiving, rollerskating and holding loud conversations about their bowel movements in cafes.

But spare a thought for what the poor women of the 1930s had to go through when Aunt Flo came to stay.

First they had to hoist on a big nappy, then attach it to a special belt, then wash their hands in a silver bowl while looking in the mirror at midnight under a waning gibbous moon...

Well, probably not that last bit. But it was a bit complicated.

Luckily Kotex put out this brochure to help womenkind educate its daughters about the process.

Called 'Marjorie May's Twelfth Birthday', this curious vintage piece has been documented in its glory by Flickr user wiebe_ben. Take a look! And then give your nice, low-maintenance modern products a cuddle. Or um, maybe not.

But you might want to check out the Dollymix review of the Mooncup - the eco-friendly sanitary solution.

Via BoingBoing.

Health & Beauty

Whoooooa! Bodyfooooorm! Why I'm over 'lady adverts'

tamponfairy.jpgThat Tampax Pearl advert is really getting my goat at the moment. What's the heck is it on about? "I invented pearl!" "Not that pearl, this pearl!" What? Erm... I'm confused. Not only confused, but really really bored of 'lady adverts'. Why are they so patronising?

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Women's "Ishoos"

Boris keep your promise!

borisdollymix.jpgYesterday, I got sent a press release about Boris Johnson. That doesn't happen very often. You see, part of his pre-election campaign focussed on saving London's only rape crisis centre. He promised to fund it for the next four years. He also promised to open three more centres across the capital. None of that has happened yet. Now, the possibility of him reneging on this promise looks possible. So what can you do to help make sure this doesn't happen?

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Posted by Sian on May 28, 2009 12:51 PM in Politics| Women's "Ishoos"
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