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Women on Top

Miranda Hart: "I don't read reviews because they always mention my looks"

I love Miranda Hart. I love that she created a comedy series that doesn't feel the need to constantly push the boundaries (*ahem* Frankie Boyle), and instead sticks to classic clever scripts and a good old fashioned dollop of slapstick. I love that she's actually very modest in interviews. And I bet she's a fabulous friend to drag to the pub.

She's become a bit of a national treasure recently, and many people are quick to label her as the UK's only current comedienne. (Which, incidentally I disagree with. What about Catherine Tate, Sarah Millican and Shappi Khorsandi to name a few?)

Unfortunately, she's had a fair few other labels thrown at her too. Apparently, she can't be referred to without mentioning her size or height. She's particularly confused by being compared to Hattie Jacques, who weighed quite a bit more at 25 stone. Sure they might both be funny women, but they don't exactly look similar do they?

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Posted by Emma Cossey on January 13, 2011 4:17 PM in Funny Women| Women on Top
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Women artists

The wonderful world of Kate Beaton

Now, I hate to use the words "quirky" or "whimsical" to describe another woman's work, because they seem to be bywords for "shit" or "pretty but insignificant".

However. Kate Beaton's brilliant web comics have been buoying me up for months now - theyre stuffed full of genuine quirk and whimsy, with their Shetland pony adventures, unlikely exploits of minor historical characters and Kate's own conversations with a younger self. And they're not shit or insignificant, they're very, very funny.


Come over the jump to see some of my favourites.

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Top 5

Top five older ladies we can learn a thing or two from...

Thumbnail image for isabel-allende.jpgMichele Hanson nominates Joan Bakewell as her heroine of mature people in today's Guardian. But we have our own Top Five Older Ladies What Rock, after the jump....

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Posted by on November 11, 2008 10:51 AM in Funny Women| Top 5| Why I love...
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Funny Women

Friday news: Caitlin's handbag, new Bond, Generation Sex, crafty things

caitlinm.jpgThe wonderful, wonderful Caitlin Moran explains why the handbag she wants most is actually a hollowed-out jacket potato, slags off the fashion world's efforts to sell us £600 handbags, and generally massively brightens my morning. I have to quote her. I just have to: "No one has ever passed judgment on my cheap handbag to my face. But then, this is a reserved country. I don't know how they would react to my £45 handbag somewhere more demonstrative - Portugal, say, or Texas. They might leap on to their chairs screaming "MAH GAHD!", trying to hit my cheap handbag with a broom, as if it were vermin."

Elsewhere in The Times, a lukewarm reception for the new Bond film.

A new show called, ahem, Generation Sex is looking for hot young things to interview about their sex lives. Contact (0207 985 1726).

Some awesome face painting to inspire your hallowe'en costume here.

And I think the real question is... why wouldn't you want to make a crochet bat?

Fun & Games

Boyscouts help women with their breast exams

scouts.jpgGod, this is good, and a fun way - if you like - of addressing Breast Cancer month. The Onion does TV stuff now, as you'll probably know, and this is just one of their many brilliant video clips, (also being enjoyed by the awesome Daily Bedpost at the moment.) I won't say too much, it speaks for itself, really.

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Top 10

Top 5 least convincing couples in film

How many times is an alright film or show ruined RUINED by a completely chemistry-free, unconvincing, annoying romance? The actors and characters might be fine on their own, but bring them together and we have... nothing. They cancel each other out. There's nothing there. They'd never be a real-life couple, it's a casting issue. And an acting one. The spark isn't there. Is it raining? Yes, I had noticed. I was trying not to look at this two eating face. So click on these two jokers to see a gallery of Dollymix's most unbelievable couples. Then help us out here and submit some of your own suggestions if you like!

Funny Women

Jo Brand to star in comedy about a geriatric ward

jobrand.jpgLife really does imitate art. And Jo, who we absolutely love here at the 'Mix, is getting a lot of nurse-themed gigs these days, isn't she? Not so long ago we told you about her WWI nurse documentary on this very site. But now she's going to be starring in a comedy about working with the elderly. In case you didn't realise, Jo was a mental health nurse in a former life, and she's co-written this three-part series "Getting On" with her co-stars Joanna Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine.

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Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones (from The Office) propose solution to financial crisis


Two super-smart Harvard-educated actresses take on the world's problems. But what's their suggestion?

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In The News...

Tuesday news: Hadley on Gok, Sky weddings, Sarah Silverman, boob jabs

The superb Hadley Freeman interestingly interviews the irrepressible (trust me, I've tried) Gok Wan over in the Guardian today. Is his success all down to language? In his own words: "I think the language gay men use can put women at ease quicker - the overuse of 'darling', 'sweetheart', all the new words for breasts - it helps break down barriers quicker."

A couple in Belgium have had their entire wedding (guests are well) hanging from a crane...then bungee jump off.

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Film review: The House Bunny

bunny.jpgWe talked about new Playboy-themed comedy The House Bunny the other day, and now I've seen it. Here's what I thought...

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