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Sexism spotting

Daniel Craig supports International Women's Day - by dressing up as a woman

International Women's Day is a way of celebrating women and promoting equality in a world where women are still paid less than men. This isn't to say men should be alienated. If men and women can work together on the cause, there's a much higher chance of success.

With this in mind, it's great to see Daniel Craig lending his support to the campaign, in a short video directed by Sam-Taylor Wood and narrated by Dame Judi Dench. The video follows Daniel in his Bond persona as Dame Judi, taking the persona of Government Agent M, asks if he thinks they're equal. He then steps out of view, and steps back in dressed as a (surprisingly attractive) woman. M goes on to outline how women are still losing out in their careers, lives and the devastating effect of domestic violence.

What are you doing to celebrate International Women's Day?

Posted by Emma Cossey on March 8, 2011 10:06 AM in Sexism spotting| Women on Top
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Sexism spotting

International Women's Day: Equals Soul Train

Anniescr.jpgTomorrow is International Women's Day, something we at Dollymix have supported for a long time. This year is the 100th anniversary, which means there are even more events popping up all over the UK to raise awareness of equality.

The flagship event is the Equals Soul Train in London's Southbank Centre, which boasts a line up including Annie Lennox and Paloma Faith. Taking place tomorrow from 3pm-6pm, the event also boasts DJs, celeb MCs and dance troops. Attendees are encouraged to shake their thang to 'Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now'.

So, how will you show your support for equality and International Women's Day tomorrow?

Posted by Emma Cossey on March 7, 2011 1:04 PM in Sexism spotting| Women on Top
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Women on Top

Miranda Hart: "I don't read reviews because they always mention my looks"

I love Miranda Hart. I love that she created a comedy series that doesn't feel the need to constantly push the boundaries (*ahem* Frankie Boyle), and instead sticks to classic clever scripts and a good old fashioned dollop of slapstick. I love that she's actually very modest in interviews. And I bet she's a fabulous friend to drag to the pub.

She's become a bit of a national treasure recently, and many people are quick to label her as the UK's only current comedienne. (Which, incidentally I disagree with. What about Catherine Tate, Sarah Millican and Shappi Khorsandi to name a few?)

Unfortunately, she's had a fair few other labels thrown at her too. Apparently, she can't be referred to without mentioning her size or height. She's particularly confused by being compared to Hattie Jacques, who weighed quite a bit more at 25 stone. Sure they might both be funny women, but they don't exactly look similar do they?

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Posted by Emma Cossey on January 13, 2011 4:17 PM in Funny Women| Women on Top
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Women on Top

Should older women cover up?

kimcattrall.jpgAccording to new research, 50 per cent of women refuse to "dress their age" until they hit their 70s. And with older ladies like Kim Cattrall, aged 54, Dame Helen Mirren, who is 65, and Sophia Loren, who's 76, showing us how it's done, there's really no reason to pull on the twinset and American Tan tights quite yet.

90 per cent of over-40s confessed to dressing younger in a bid to hold back the years. With celebs like Jennifer Anistor, Courtney Cox and Elle Macpherson all looking fabulous in their forties, it's no surprise that the pressure is on to look young for as long as possible.

Personally, I think Dame Helen Mirren looks gorgeous, without the need for extensive surgery. She might have had a few fashion slip ups, but who hasn't? As long as you're dressing for your shape, size and, as you get older, your skin, I don't see the problem in indulging in some glamour during your seventies.

Hell, if you're going to dress inappropriately, why not do it during your retirement?

Will you be rocking low cut tops when you're seventies? Or will you be grabbing your shopping trolley and hitting M&S on the eve of your 70th birthday?

Posted by Emma Cossey on January 7, 2011 10:50 AM in Our bodies, ourselves| Women on Top
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Women on Top

How much time do mums spend online?

Mumpreneurs have dominated the online world for several years now, and so the statistics above from Microsoft Advertising about the amount of time mums spend online are hardly surprising.

The survey of 731 UK mums revealed that pregnant mothers are the most active surfers, spending 220 minutes daily online. While that drops once the bundle of joy arrives, new mums still manage to fit 95 minutes a day in. This further drops for mums of pre-school mums (83 minutes a day) and primary school mums (82 minutes a day), but rises again once the kids hit the age of ten (107 minutes a day)

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Posted by Emma Cossey on December 28, 2010 10:30 AM in Family| Motherhood| Women on Top
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Women on Top

The secret of beauty? Adobe Photoshop apparently.

camerondiaz.jpgHeatworld recently featured a selection of famous women in an advert, extolling the benefits of a 'wonder cream'. Closer inspection reveals a split screen, with the original photo on one side, and the other side edited with the 'wonder cream' - Adobe Photoshop.

It's not the first time we've seen the before and after shots of celebrities, but it does highlight how many cosmetic adverts use it. How often have you see an advert for mascara, with a tiny note at the bottom saying "Lash inserts have been used"?

Heatworld go on to argue that using make up is the same as using Photoshop on a photo: "I mean when I look at girls in makeup I'm not seeing their face, I'm seeing a lie."

I disagree.

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Posted by Emma Cossey on December 22, 2010 10:38 AM in Women on Top
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What's in a name, Rebekah?

weddingringswade.jpgThe Guardian are getting their feministy knickers in a twist. Again. This time they're having a pop at Rebekah Wade for choosing to take her husband's name when she got married. She's Rebekah Brooks now, but according to Michele Hanson, she's "letting down thousands of women". Er, why exactly? What's wrong with taking your husband's name when you get married?

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Posted by Sian Meades on June 25, 2009 1:05 PM in Feminism| Marriage| Sian Meades| Women on Top
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Women on Top

Make over your brain with the SCIENCE CHEERLEADER

Darlene Cavalier is an ex-professional cheerleader who's now using her site, Science Cheerleader, to rally the troops of 'citizen scientists' - average peeps like you and me - to engage more with science efforts in their community.

This video teams REAL LIFE CHEERLEADERS with REAL LIFE SCIENCE FACTS, and is part of her Brain Makeover programme:

Follow us over the jump for more...

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Women on Top


Ohhhh, these are rather wonderful. Those fine people over at Boing have posted two videos from the 1930s which show "the weaker sex" how to deal with "objectionable people".

Not only do these women kick arse and take names in the politest way imaginable (just watch what one of the ladies does when she meets an "objectionable gentleman" who will insist on kissing her), but they also manage to do it in high heels and full party gear. One of the ladies even shows a rather daring flash of white knickers when she's throwing a brute over her shoulder. Speaking as a woman who finds it difficult to complete even the rudimentary basics of kickboxing whilst wearing jogging bottoms and trainers, you can't help but admire their chutzpah. Indeed, it proves that even back then, ladies were not afraid of punching muggers in the balls when the situation so required.

I'm a firm believer that women should learn how to defend themselves, particularly in light of the worrying rise in sexual orientated violence. Whilst knowing how to kick an assailant to the curb isn't the same as actually doing it in practice, just knowing the techniques will help you to turn fear into power if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation . And, as these videos prove, it is indeed possible to elbow a chap in the solar plexus without messing up your hair.

Posted by Miss Cay on February 12, 2009 1:18 PM in Miss Cay| Websites| Women on Top| Women's "Ishoos"
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Say PANTS to Patriarchy!

Thumbnail image for Chaddi.jpg

There are few things that I like better in life than going to the pub with my friends and drinking whiskey whilst putting the world to rights. Indeed, I think the right to go to the pub is one of those things which should be enshrined in every country's constitution.

It appears I'm not alone in this either. In one of those news stories which makes me proud to be a woman, Indians are sending packages of pink underwear to a right wing group who believe that it is "not acceptable" for women to go drinking in bars.

Last month, the Sri Ram Sena (Army of Lord Ram) group attacked women in Magalore in Southern India who they saw out drinking, and who they deemed to be acting disgracefully. The attack was filmed, was filmed and then broadcast on national television, showing men chasing and beating up panicking women. Some of the women, who tripped and fell, were kicked viciously by the men. Because, you know, beating the living shit out a woman daring to express her individuality by living her life the way she chooses to is a really good way to win people over to your cause.

The group are also planning to protest against Valentines Day this Saturday, believing that a harmless commercial celebration of hearts and flowers will slowly erode away moral dignity and the fabric of society.

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