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Weird Stories

Tesco launches a Strawberry and Cream Sandwich

Thumbnail image for TescoStrawberryandCream.jpg

Everyone eats strawberries and cream when they go to Wimbledon. But would you eat it in a sandwich?

Tesco hopes you will.

The supermarket have launched the new sandwich filling. 

Tesco sandwich developer Kathryn Bettles said: "We wanted to create an iconic feel-good sandwich treat that evoked a classic feeling of summertime. And no food is as evocative of British summer or puts a smile on people's faces more than strawberries and cream."

"Our challenge was to make the whole sandwich hold together, but by using clotted cream together with a small dollop of strawberry jam it works very well."

It's not that bizarre I guess. Jam is a perfectly suitable sandwich filling, so I guess cream is the next logical step. 

Would you eat it?

Posted by Emma Cossey on June 24, 2011 8:30 AM in Weird Stories
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Male Fashion: The male turban

urban turban.jpgThere are certain things I can accept my boyfriend wearing. I'm ok with the fact he owns several pairs of Timberland boots. I can deal with him owning an anorak (or an 'all weather jacket' as he prefers to call it).

But I draw the line at the Murban.

According to the Daily Mail, a Murban is an 'urban turban' for gentleman. Mr Karl Lagerfeld (remember him? The guy who dismissed the idea that anyone wants to see curvy women on the catwalk) is the brains behind this particular fashion trend.

What do you think? Would you fancy your man in a murban?

Posted by Emma Cossey on May 24, 2011 8:30 AM in Fashion| Weird Stories
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School bans footballs - as they're 'dangerous'

A primary school in Liverpool has banned leather footballs in the playground, as they fear they're a health and safety risk for the kids. The school will however allow kids to play with foam balls.

In a time when childhood obesity levels are at an all time high, this sort of move can't really be a good thing. The ironic thing is, Malvern Primary School in Huyton is actually famed for producing footballers like Steven Gerrard.

Surely the health benefits of running around playing football outweigh the minor risk of injury playing the game? Although they can still play the game, a foam ball doesn't quite cut the mustard.

What do you think? Health and safety taken too far or a school simply being protective?

Source: [Daily Mail]

Posted by Emma Cossey on February 25, 2011 9:00 AM in Sports| Weird Stories
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Weird Stories

90 teens pregnant in a Memphis high school

teenpregnancy.jpgA school in Memphis has admitted that during the last year, 90 students fell pregnant. That's around 11% of the entire school population! Sounds like a school in dire need of sex ed classes.

For Memphis, this is a surprisingly normal statistic, with the teen pregnancy rate varying from 15-25%. Clearly, the message for safe sex is not getting through to the next generations, whether it be from parents or the school itself.

As a result, the government has put into action plans to campaign for more girls to say no, or at least use protection.

While the situation is obviously quite extreme in Memphis, teen pregnancy levels are on the rise around the world.

So, how can we reduce the number of teen pregnancies? Is it a socio-economic situation or a lack of education? Or another reason entirely?

Image: Polina Sergeeva

Posted by Emma Cossey on January 19, 2011 9:00 AM in Sex & Relationships| Weird Stories
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Weird Stories

Middle class mother complains about 'getting by' on £500 a week

99pstore.jpgThe Daily Mail has, yet again, upset the nation. This time, they featured an article from a middle class woman, complaining that the recession has popped on a Grinch suit to ruin her Christmas. The 'poor woman' has to get by on £500 a week as a writer, since the economy took a downturn and she had to take a reduction from her normal £1,200 a week rate as a TV and film producer.

Quick everyone, let's get a collection going for her!

Apparently, she's now had to switch her Christmas shopping trip in Harrods for a trip to Poundland where you have to carry your own bags.

Because clearly it's either one or the other.

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Posted by Emma Cossey on December 6, 2010 5:59 PM in Shopping| Weird Stories
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How to...

A guide to smoking for laydeeeeeez

Women! Is your smoking technique a bit off? Are you forever lighting the wrong end, trying to inhale through your ears or your nethers and generally making a complete tit of yourself in public?

Or perhaps you don't smoke at all, despite the many benefits of looking cool, smelling bad, and spending the long nights before your early demise shivering outside pubs as a procession of street lotharios barrel into you with increasingly lame pick-up lines?

Well, fear not! This handy guide to smoking for laydeez is sure to up your smoky game and bag you a nice hunky advertising executive. Not sure where this photo is from, but it was brought to our attention by fabulous Twitterers @annajleach and @finsbury. Click on the image to enlarge it.


Beauty myths

The Pangao Magic Massage Bra - a boy's perspective

Magic_Massage_Bra.jpgNow, there are a lot of odd bras on the market right now. On Dollymix we've brought you the man-hunting bra, and the squeezy cleavage-enhancing bra. We as ladies know that these are ridiculous. But, just to be sure, we asked a man. Here is Stuart Heritage from caustic gossip website Hecklerspray on the newest fad bra to grab us by the, er, attention.

Ladies, do me a favour and take a quick peek down your top. What do you see? That's right - you see a couple of badly-dredged breast glands slapping together like a couple of disgusting fish. It's disgusting. You're disgusting. No wonder you haven't even got a boyfriend.

If only there was a way that you could dredge your breast glands and look sexy in the process. What's that? There IS?

Apparently, yes. Follow me over the jump and let me introduce you to the Pangao Magic Massage Bra.

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Sexism spotting

Arthur Kade: the most hated man on the internet? aggregates messages that other Twitter users have voted too self-important, such as "Im already prettier than everyone here" and "my hotness is wasted in an office w/no hot women".

But king of the narcissistic snippet is one Arthur Kade, whose Tweets have the nerdy, self-aggrandising quality of someone touching-typing blindly as they stare helplessly into the mirror, captured by the awesomeness of their own reflection.

On the possibility of meeting Justin Timberlake he says "He's probably a fan", and claims to live "an amazing lifestyle of success, travel,partying & hot girls."

But who is Arthur Kade? What moves hundreds of commenters on his site to threaten to "chop him up with an axe and shoot him into outer space"? Is he even real?

And how would you score on the Kade Scale of hot women?

Follow us over the jump to find out.

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Weird Stories

FINALLY girls can get some ghost action with Hasbro's new pink ouija board!


Do you like GHOSTS? Do you like PINK? Do you like me TYPING IN CAPITALS LIKE THIS?

Well then, good news everyone - AS YOU PROBABLY KNOW, the art of necromancy - that is, communing with the dead - has until now been a largely male-dominated arena. Look at, erm, Derek Acorah. I'm almost entirely positive that he's a man. And uh, that other guy. YOU KNOW. The one who's a barber but also a psychic. Him.

Anyway, NOW it turns out we girls can do it, too! Because Hasbro have brought out a special pink ouija board for girlies! They've probably added the suffx "ie" to the traditional alphabet layout of ouija boards, because everyone knows girlies like to add "ie" to the end of everything.

So follow us over the jumpie and let's have a little lookie at this pinkie ouija boardie thingo.

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Weird Stories

Ukrainian Eurovision madness, Madonna marries Jesus, knitted boobies and chicken in a can

svet.jpgWould you vote for this woman?

This is Svetlana Loboda, this year's Ukrainian Eurovision entrant. Her video is quite the oddest thing. Very entertaining and really bizarre.

Even more bizarre than that Shakira video where she turns into a cartoon and attacks a woman, then Superman and Batman come to her rescue while she dances like a robot.

Come on over the jump to watch Svetlana's crazy video for 'Be my Valentine', and gawp at the rest of the freakery we have in store for you.

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