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Weird Stories

FINALLY girls can get some ghost action with Hasbro's new pink ouija board!


Do you like GHOSTS? Do you like PINK? Do you like me TYPING IN CAPITALS LIKE THIS?

Well then, good news everyone - AS YOU PROBABLY KNOW, the art of necromancy - that is, communing with the dead - has until now been a largely male-dominated arena. Look at, erm, Derek Acorah. I'm almost entirely positive that he's a man. And uh, that other guy. YOU KNOW. The one who's a barber but also a psychic. Him.

Anyway, NOW it turns out we girls can do it, too! Because Hasbro have brought out a special pink ouija board for girlies! They've probably added the suffx "ie" to the traditional alphabet layout of ouija boards, because everyone knows girlies like to add "ie" to the end of everything.

So follow us over the jumpie and let's have a little lookie at this pinkie ouija boardie thingo.

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Jean Genie! Would you wear supermarket jeans...even if they were in a "odd" size?

Thumbnail image for Jeans.jpg

Oh, ASDA. If you were a living breathing person, I'd run up to you and plant a wet sloppy kiss on your lips right now. The Supermarket/clothing retailer has announced today that its George fashion range will be launching a range of budget jeans in "odd" sizes for all of those women (such as myself) whose bodies are "a bit wonky" and don't have the cold hard cash to be paying for designer jeans which have waist sizes in inches. The jeans come in sizes 11, 13 and 15.

I have always always always struggled with jeans, much as I love the pesky things. For some reason, no matter how well they fit me around the waist, and how tightly I fasten my belt, they always slip down throughout the course of the day, to the point where I end up flashing my belly and a worrying amount of arse cleavage every time I run for the bus. Whilst I'd like to spend my days wandering around looking dainty in vintage print dresses, twinsets and cardigans, alas, that's not so practical. Thankfully it appears as though I'm not alone either. According to a survey conducted by ASDA, two-thirds of women need jeans that are actually a size 15.

Ok, ok. So admitting to buying your clothes from a supermarket isn't the best course of action if you're attempting to cut a dash in the fashion world. But surely it has to be better than inadvertantly flashing your knickers at the general public because those expensive jeans you bought don't fit you properly again?

What do you think? Does your denim fit you like a second skin? Would you ever admit to buying jeans from ASDA? Let us know in the comments!

Posted by Miss Cay on February 9, 2009 12:56 PM in Fashion| Miss Cay| Things to buy
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Beth Ditto's launching a fashion collection-Hooray!

Beth Ditto is my kind of lady. In fact, I think it's safe to say that I may even have a bit of a girly-crush on her. She's cute, clever, isn't afraid to speak her mind, and has opened the world's eyes to the fact that "curvy women" (of which, I am one) can be both beautiful AND fashionable.


So, perhaps unsurprisingly, I'm rather elated by the news that she's going to be designing a clothes range for high street clothing chain Evans.
According to, the range is due to hit stores this July, and will be featuring graphic dresses, oversized knitwear and a selection of hot accessories, all reflecting Ditto's inimitable signature style.

Add this to the fact that rumours are currently flying around the fashion world that Beth will be doing a repeat of her naked NME cover for the launch issue of Katie Grand's new magazine Love next month, and it seems she's one in-demand lady.

I do have just one minor gripe about this, though. As excited as I am about all of this (mainly because it means I might be able to get something over my breasts in the next few months which doesn't resemble a sack), why do larger ladies get a (for want of a better term) "larger" lady to design for them, whilst slim ladies get a slim lady to design for them? Want an example-look at the collections Lily Allen has done for New Look, , and the ever-popular line of clothing that Kate Moss has designed for Topshop. Why does it always feel that if you're looking for something both functional and fashionable on the High Street designed by someone you admire, you have to be built a certain way?

Great as it is that Beth is designing for Evans, it feels a bit like a token gesture. Retail magnates, if you're reading, I don't want to scare you or anything but, you know, just for once, can't us size 16 women have an international supermodel of Kate Moss's ilk designing clothes for us too?


Stone me, it's the eBay Virginity Wars!

Feels like a few years ago everyone could literally not get enough of eBay, just as journalists couldn't (apparently) get enough of those 'College girl sells virginity for $4.5bn..' or 'Man sells entire life...' stories. I always wondered if eBay's PR put them out, but I sincerely doubt it given the intensely disturbing personalities normally in the background of those stories.

Firstly, for every winner there are hundreds of thousands of unsuccessful bidders who might decide to take matters into their own hands (literally or metaphorically - either way it's dark times.) Secondly, surely you'd sooner make like Sarah Beenie and get on before you'd actually sell your virginity? Rosie Reid, eBay virgin from back in '04, definitely wishes the Beenie had been on the case back then, I bet. Better still, hi, you're at college in America. Haven't you *seen* Animal House?

s.JPGInstead of entrusting her cherry to anonymous bidders, perhaps she could have bid on this handy implement, at real-life eBay for posh people - Bonhams.

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Posted by on January 21, 2009 12:25 PM in Shopping| Things to buy
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Amy Winehouse goes booze-begging in style thanks to Sterling Familia

winehouse_pendant.jpgAnother day, another picture of Amy Winehouse winds up in the pages of The Sun. You really would have thought the papers might be a bit bored of Amy stories by now. I think we all are. This time she has been spotted 'begging' for booze at a hotel resort after staff refused to serve her.

Although Amy constantly gets herself in these scrapes you can't deny her her fashion creds. Anchors, polka dots, cropped jeans.... In my opinion, and I know some may not agree, her fashion sense is great. It can only be described as nu-housewife/pin-up grunge. Brilliant!

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Posted by Louise Orcheston-Findlay on January 14, 2009 12:14 PM in Celebrities| Louise Orcheston-Findlay| Things to buy
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Top 5

Top 5 charity ecard sites - for a greener, philanthropic Christmas

Ha ha ha. So you probably knew that Saturday 20th - tomorrow - is the last UK First Class posting date before Christmas.

Were you, like me, planning to do a rush job on your Christmas cards and fling them at a postbox sometime in the next 24 hours?

And did you, like me, not realise that today, 2,000 postal workers will close seven sorting offices as part of a postal strike?

Ha ha ha. Erm. Never mind! I have compiled a Top 5 charity ecard list!

So come with me over the jump and let's send our wishes of the season in a way that helps those less deserving than us, treats our planet with respect, and doesn't depend on the vagaries of the UK postal system....

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Laura Kidd

Have a craftastic weekend!

As week one of my guest editorship draws to a close, I'd like to thank you all for reading, voting and commenting. It's been a fun five days and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in next week!

But first - and this ties in rather neatly with yesterday's popular post about a handmade Christmas - if you're in London and stuck for something to do tomorrow why not check out not one but two wonderful crafty Christmassy fairs? Full info after the jump:

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Cute stuff

Reindeer for hire: The ONLY thing I want for Christmas

likerudolphbutbetter.jpgAs of ooooh, ten minutes ago, I got festive. I think it had something to do with the gingerbread latte, but deck the halls with holly and join me in a glass of eggnog, Christmas day is less than a month away. Yay!

Don't you all Bah! Humbug me just yet. I've got the best Christmas present in the world over the jump.

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Posted by Sian Meades on November 26, 2008 4:28 PM in Cute stuff| Things to buy
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In The News...

Tarina Tarantino Gives Barbie A Make-Over: Dollymix Editor Swoons At Desk

Tarina Tarantino is officially my new favourite lady designer. After last week's Barbie excitement I thought nothing could make me more giddy. Until this:

Thumbnail image for barbiebrilliance.jpg

Bright Pink Barbie! God I'm good to you. I really hope the newly announced human Barbie catwalk collection looks like this, otherwise it'll be creepy.

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Posted by Sian Meades on November 20, 2008 1:14 PM in Cute stuff| Fashion| In The News...| Shopping| Things to buy
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Beauty myths

Stylish Wednesday things: heels, dresses and houses

heel7.jpgHalf-way through the week, almost the end of the month, it's suddenly gone dark outside. I think we're entitled to think about what we'd like to spend our money on.

First of all, the world has gone heels KERAYZEEEEEEE lately, all very pretty for sure but not so practical for, like walking through snow in. For example. As Christian Louboutin launches an 8-inch stiletto, Hannah Betts asks why do we love heels? And is it un-feminist to do so?

But if you do decide to go for it, check out Claudia Croft's advice on walking in skyscraper shoes first: "Catwalk models, who are paid huge amounts to make walking in heels look easy, are having trouble staying upright in the fierce new shoes. Three fell from their lofty sling-backs at the Prada show in Milan recently, and those who managed to stay upright wobbled their way along the catwalk like newborn foals."

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