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Sex & Relationships

The Big Debate: The Royal Wedding - Day Off or Day to Remember

prince william kate middleton official portrait mario testino-thumb-220x332-92640.jpg

With less than 24 hours to go until the Royal Wedding, the nation is split into those who love a good Royal knees up, and those who are counting down the hours until extra bank holiday weekend begins.

Here, Kate and Emma put forward their thoughts on the day.

Emma can't wait for the Royal Wedding

I quite like the Royals. Sure, they're out of touch, eccentric and bumbling, but they make brilliant news fodder. Plus, how many 85-year-old ladies do you know who work every single day of the year? High five to the Queen for that alone.

Now we've got the Royal Wedding, the perfect excuse to throw a street party, head to one of the big screens across the country or enjoy a good old fashioned knees up at home. It's bought a huge amount of tourism to the capital, and plenty of companies have seen a much needed rise in profits from all the (tacky-but-essential) wedding merchandise.

The Royals only cost each taxpayer 69p a year to support. That's a bit of a bargain rate for an extra bank holiday in my book. And it's not like the future King gets married to his sweetheart every day, is it?

Now I'm off to put up the bunting and dig out my Royal teabags...

Kate is just happy for a day off...

Now, I'm not an anti-royalist by any stretch of the imagination - the royal family and everything that comes with them does wonders for the British tourism industry, and I won't go into details about my manifesting crush on Prince Harry - but that doesn't mean that I feel anything more than indifference towards the royal wedding.

It's all very sweet and lovely and blah blah blah that the Prince William is marrying his university sweetheart Kate Middleton, but I don't know them, and I most likely never will. With that in mind, why would I be excited for their pending nuptials? I mean, people are getting married all the time.

While I don't feel excited for Kate and Will, I do feel appreciation...I am immensely grateful for the fact that they have provided the nation with an extra day off work. Brilliant!

While others will be drowning themselves in tacky Union Jack paraphernalia, I'll be lounging out in the sun (touch wood), with a Pimms in my hand, and a smirk on my face. Forget the royal wedding...I'm all about a royal old knees up!

Are you excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow?

Posted by Emma Cossey on April 28, 2011 8:34 AM in Holidays| Sex & Relationships| The Big Debate
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The Big Debate

The Big Debate: Staying In vs. Going Out

goingoutvsstayingin.jpgThis week, we're debating which is better...staying in or going out?

Emma loves Staying In

Staying in is most definitely the new going out. Here's five reasons why:

  • We've all got a little less money. Going out involves expensive cabs, overpriced drinks and new shoes. Staying in means you can curl up in your oldest trackie bottoms, tuck into a tub of cheap and cheerful ice cream, and watch as much trashy TV as you like.
  • Trashy TV. TV is amazing at the moment. The Only Way is Essex, American Idol, Jersey Shore...hell, even Springwatch! Plus we've got X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and Big Brother coming up.
  • It's cold. Sure, we had a couple of days of summer last weekend, but we've returned to murky clouds and rain now. Surely staying in your warm home is more appealing than venturing out?
  • The smoking ban. I don't smoke, but I kinda miss the days when people were allowed to smoke in clubs. Why? Because it masked the smell of vomit, beer farts and BO. All kinds of nasty.
  • The Onesie. Enough said.
Still not convinced? Check out Kate's argument for going out...

Kate loves Going Out

There's no place like home? Pish. Get a life, Dorothy:

  • Nothing unexpected is ever likely to happen to you whilst you're sat at home, munching on your Asda Smart Price ready meal for one. If you go out, you maximise your potential to experience the unexpected. For example, I once thought I saw Dean Gaffney in a Yates bar. It turns out it wasn't him, but it could have been.
  • You can't play your music at deafening levels at home. Well, you could, but it won't go down well with your neighbours. Trust me; I've been burned by the experience before.
  • You get to dress up when you go out; which means catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror is only half as depressing.
  • There isn't a bar at home.
  • Let's face it; you have the rest of your life to stay at home. Make the most of your youth and party like its 1999 (minus the trouser-skirts).

So what camp are you in? Are you a stay in or go out girl?

Posted by Emma Cossey on April 19, 2011 9:00 AM in The Big Debate
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The Big Debate

The Big Debate: City Living Vs Country Life

We love a good debate here at Dollymix. Anything from celeb culture and gossip to news pieces and research gets dissected.

So, we've decided to make a weekly feature of it.

Kate and I will debate a topic every week, then open it up for you in the comments section to discuss. This week, we're kicking off with the age-old debate - which is better, city living or country life?

Kate loves City Living
City living. Gloriously exhilarating city living. So what if we're not able to take a deep breath without inhaling a nose-full of exhaust fumes? The scent of our exhaust fumes trumps the scent of their eu de cow manure any day of the week.

Work hard play hard is the mantra of city living, and boy do we revel in it. The city is where you get every shop you wish to spend your coffers on, every club you wish to lose your dignity in, and every restaurant you want to gorge your puffy little face on. You see, we're never far from expenditure, meaning boredom is seldom a sufferance. Sure, you could argue that as a result we fritter all of our hard-earned (cough) monies on needless luxuries, but isn't that what overdrafts are for?

As if the above wasn't a winning enough argument for why city life rules all, I have two words for you to ponder: People Watching. A pass time that is afforded only to those of us in urban areas, those poor country folk are deprived of this most satisfying of activities. Where is that man going with that conspicuous looking bag? What are those two girls talking about as they head towards that bar at this hour of the day? The possibilities are endless.

To summarise my point, dear friends, take note from Lily Allen, who chirps of the joys of city life in the track, LDN: 'Sun is in the sky, oh why oh why would I wanna be anywhere else?' Good point, Lily. Why would you want to be anywhere else? I'll tell you why. You wouldn't.

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Posted by Emma Cossey on April 5, 2011 9:58 AM in The Big Debate
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