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Miley Cyrus is a bad role model - according to young girls

According to our sister blog OSOBLOG, Miley Cyrus has been voted as the worst role models for young girls. The interesting thing is, the voting was done BY young girls.

The results came to light in a poll on teen website Just So You Know. The deep voiced teen, who was recently caught on camera with a dubious-looking bong, landed the top spot with 58% of the 99,000 votes. Just behind her was Lindsey Lohan, who has been lying low in rehab recently, followed by Demi Lovato, Kanye West, and Chace Crawford (who was arrested for marijuana possession.)

This is the second time Miley has topped the list. It's nice to see that those who voted, who are aged between nine and 15, are aware that Miley isn't the best role model.

What do you think? Should Miley have made it to the top?

Posted by Emma Cossey on January 31, 2011 10:06 AM in Celebrities| Teenagers
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