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Scientists create human breast milk...from cows.

While the breast is best debate rumbles on, scientists have been busy creating an alternative to breastfeeding, and it seems like they've managed to recreate all the healthy properties of human breast milk - from a cow.

30 cattle have been bred with human genes, which means their milk has the same nutrients and fat content as breast milk.

This has the potential to be really beneficial to those mothers who struggle with breastfeeding, but concerns have risen about the safety of the milk.

Patti Rundall, of Baby Milk Action, said: 'There could be incredible risks with these products that we don't know about. Cows' milk is never going to be like breast milk. It's never going to be a living product like breast milk.

'Breast milk is species specific - there is no element of risk.'

There's also a whole bundle of issues with using GM cattle for milk. The death rate of these GM cattle is fairly high, with just 26 surviving of the original 42.

What do you think about this research?

Source: Daily Mail

Posted by Emma Cossey on April 4, 2011 10:15 AM in In The News...| Parenting
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How will you celebrate Mother's Day?

blogging tools.jpgThis weekend is Mother's Day, a time to show your mum how much you love and appreciate your mother.

So please, please don't send her a Facebook message.

A study by The Card Boutique has revealed that half of Britain is too busy to send an actual card, and will send a Mother's Day text or Facebook message instead.

That's pretty much the saddest thing I've read all week.

Surely, in an age when we've got and plenty of voucher sites for gifts, there's no reason not to treat your mum to something at the last minute?

Head over to our sister blog OSOGLAM for some last minute suggestions for your mum.

What are you treating your mum to this Sunday?

Source: Superbreak

Posted by Emma Cossey on April 1, 2011 8:30 AM in Parenting
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Our bodies, ourselves

"Abortions are safer than having a baby" according to new study.

pregnancytest.jpgNew advice from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists suggests that pregnant women who contact their doctor about a termination should be informed that having an abortion is safer than having a baby.

The advice comes from a set of guidelines still in draft form. The guidelines go on to say that most women who go through an abortion are unlikely to have any resulting psychological problems.

Worryingly, it doesn't seem like there's a psychologist on the team who came to these conclusions. How exactly did they then conclude that it has no long-term psychological problems?

Downplaying any emotional fallout after an abortion seems like a pretty awful idea. This move can only lead women who feel fear, sadness or even depression to feel guilt for their feelings too.

Making the decision to have an abortion is one of the hardest decisions any woman will make. Telling someone it's 'safer than having a baby' or dismissing an emotional fallout seems to be a sure fire way of making the decision much harder.

What do you think?

Source: [Daily Mail]
Image:[Daquella manera]

Posted by Emma Cossey on February 28, 2011 2:21 PM in Our bodies, ourselves| Parenting| Womens health
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Sex & Relationships

Arguing with the other half? Blame your parents

arguing.jpgAh, we do love blaming our parents for things, don't we? This week, it's apparently the fault of our parents if we hold a grudge against our partners.

Scientists claim that those who have a difficult relationship with their parents find it harder to move past an argument with their partner. Those with a good relationship are happier to bury the hatchet.

Scientists from the University of Minnesota studied a group of babies born in the mid-1970s until they reached adulthood.

It's all to do with controlling negative emotions. If a child is encouraged to deal with their negative emotions, they'll be able to deal with them better as an adult.

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Posted by Emma Cossey on February 22, 2011 11:04 AM in Parenting| Sex & Relationships
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Could hypnobirthing be coming to the NHS?

pregnantbump.jpgThe process of giving birth is riddled with decisions. Conflicting reports often surface, arguing that home births are positive one week and dangerous the next. Epidurals and labour drugs are cast in controversy, and caeseareans are looked down upon by those that feel that those that volunteer for them are "too posh to push."

Now though, hypnobirthing could join the options for birthing on the NHS. Essentially, hypnobirthing is where the mind is used to seize control of the birthing process through hypnosis. Apparently, the result is a relatively pain and stress-free labour.

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Posted by Emma Cossey on February 15, 2011 9:27 AM in Parenting
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Katie Price and Peter Andre publicly argue. Again.

peterandre.jpgKatie Price seems to be making a habit of spending her weekends arguing with her ex-husbands. This weekend, it was the turn of Peter Andre. The two argued, through Twitter and ridiculously long statements on their blogs, about who's the worst parent.

This time, they're arguing over (by the sounds of things, minor) burns that both Harvey and Princess have both had in the last few months.

The trouble began when Peter addressed a newspaper article about a burn Princess got while apparently in the care of Miss Price.

In response, Katie tweeted "Again lies being reported !As for peter he should know what a real BURN is like look at HARVEYS leg that he burnt while in PETES CARE!!

The sad thing is, all this public arguing is likely to be doing the children so much more damage than an accidental burn. Had the pair kept a dignified silence on the matter, no one would be talking about it now.

What do you think about Katie Price and Peter Andre's actions?

Posted by Emma Cossey on February 7, 2011 8:46 AM in Celebrities| Parenting
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