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The Duloks

00017948_duloks200.jpgWe have just gained a new intern here at the Jack office and it seems she is a fan of Dollymix! So, because we are so nice and believe that interns should get proper jobs rather than stuffing envelopes I have given her the task of writing a piece for you lovely Dollymixers.
Over to Abbi :
Everyone writes about bands. I would rather pull my own earlobes off and swallow them whole than review another Indie-boys-with-guitars-type-band, whose idea of song writing involves copying whatever droney rubbish they've been listening to on their I-Pod for three years and getting a new shit haircut.

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Posted by Louise Orcheston-Findlay on February 17, 2009 3:19 PM in Columnists| Louise Orcheston-Findlay| Music| Music Reviews
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Obama on Lily and the Intergenerational Sex Cringe

I hope Obama has a record collectionToday's Bizarre Politician CD-Swap Watch (Yeah there's one daily...) comes courtesy of Holy Moly, who revealed that Obama has a copy of Lily Allen's first record, and that, here's the scoop, he was given it by David Cameron. I tend to reserve the top table of a personalised hell for DC regardless of his actions, but this is especially unfortunate, you know. Not because I hate Lily or anything (despite the constant ping pong of familial revelations - see 'Alfie did a poo in front of me'Gate) but hi, THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

The idea of Obama in the car with Sacha and Malia chilling on the back seat, listening away happily to Lily's (two-good-songs MAX) first album, with all its bright and breezy mocknernay blandness, only to be confronted with that song about an ex-boyfriends diminutive penis with the weird quasi-rap revealing the pretence of her climactic's almost too much to bear. Why?

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Posted by on January 22, 2009 12:35 PM in Music| Music Reviews
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Louise Orcheston-Findlay

80s pop back for another turn?

DSC_0045.jpgAs Popbitch mentioned the other week in their mail out "It's back to the 80s in 2009, and not just any old 80s, but the synth pop we loved in our youth" the 80s have a well deserved come back scheduled in on a musical level for 09.

It's funny how as soon as something is put into your head it seems to pop up all over the place. Soon after reading said Popbitch quote I came across Desdemona Plays Pop.

Desdemona Plays Pop are DJ duo Ruth and Ed. Two lovely musical brains that together plan to put the fun back into clubbing with their mix of 80s classics, feel-good tunes and songs in their original format. If you imagine a C90 cassette as the cover mount on a copy of Smash Hits you'd get the idea!

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Posted by Louise Orcheston-Findlay on January 14, 2009 3:37 PM in Louise Orcheston-Findlay| Music| Music Reviews
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Women in Music

I have seen the future of female singer/songwriters and it is BALD (and briiliant)

This is Eliza Wren Payne. She's from Utah, is bald, wears arm-warmers, has dimples, and is awesome.

I saw her supporting Nik Kershaw (yes, 1980s legend Nik Kershaw - we don't need to go into why I was there) at the Luminaire in Kilburn a couple of weeks ago.

When Eliza came onstage I expected her to either be another Winehouse clone or one of those purveyors of faux-Celtic melancholy (not necessarily a slight - I myself am one of this tribe, all plucked strings and yodelly sighs and references to broken-off love affairs and flowers that have withered all).

But she wasn't.

She sings playful, artfully arranged songs with a beautiful but not showy voice that slips seamlessly between low and jazzy, sweet and scratchy, and high and operatic.

And she smiles. A lot.

Come and check out her stuff over the jump.

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Music Reviews

Carla Bruni's new album...

Call me an old stick-in-the-mud but if there's one thing that really rubs me the wrong way it's people going on and on about how many 'lovers' they've had...

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Music review: Sex and the City soundtrack

satccd.jpgWhen I saw the film, I thought the score was perfect, but listening to this CD I'm surprised to find myself struggling to recall which songs cropped up in which scenes. (I mean, it's not hard to guess, they're pretty literal.) Of course we all remember the wonderful version of Auld Lang Syne, and the sparkling orchestral revamp of the familiar theme tune (by The Pfeifer Broz orchestra). But what else is on this CD?

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