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Monday Moan

Monday Moan: Bad customer service

Trolly Sign 2 (1).JPG

Bad customer service in shops is my biggest bugbear. This month, I've seen the following:

  • Trying to pay at the tills, while the staff carry on their conversation together about their "crappy hangover." 
  • The reply "I dunno, ask one of the other staff" when I inquired about a shoe size.
  • Absolute silence. At the tills. Not even a hello. Seriously awkward stuff.
  • Store stalking. Following customers around the store probably does reduce shoplifting instances. Unfortunately  it probably reduces sales too. I left after two minutes of feeling like a criminal.
The thing is, I've worked in retail before. I know it's tough, shoppers can be rude and it can be stressful. But is raising a smile really so hard? Or putting a conversation on hold while serving a customer? 

Perhaps this is why more and more of us do most of our shopping online. We don't have to deal with grumpy staff, we can search for what we're looking for in the search bar, and try on clothes in the comfort of our own homes. The only downside is, you've still got to deal with customer service if something goes wrong.

In fairness, I've seen some great customer service too. Dorothy Perkins in general has great staff, and the serving staff in Giraffe are always really friendly and helpful. VeryGoodService has a great resource if you want to see more evidence of great customer assistants. 

Have you had any awful customer service experiences? Or any fantastic experience?
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Posted by Emma Cossey on June 20, 2011 9:00 AM in Monday Moan| Shopping
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Monday Moan

Monday Moan: London Underground

Liverpool Street Tube Signphoto © 2006 Iain Buchanan | more info (via: Wylio)

It's a truth widely acknowledged that Monday is the worst day of the week. It's the end of the weekend and, for most of us, the beginning of the working week too. Boo hoo.

Here at DollyMix we've taken it upon ourselves to indulge in a little self-healing by means of a Monday Moan. Our weekly Monday Moan allows us to whine and bitch about any damn thing that takes our fancy.

This week, we look to the London Underground...

1)      Why do businessmen think that it is OK to barge in front of anyone (animal, mineral, or vegetable) that may obstruct their access to a coveted seat? It's not dignified, Sir, to watch you scramble through the carriage in your finery.


2)      Why on earth are people unable to wait until you've stepped off the carriage before forcing their way on? We can only assume that they have been placed upon this earth to inconvenience us. It's the only possible explanation, surely?


3)      Finally, and this is a big one, why the delays? WHY THE DELAYS?

Of course, most of the aforementioned points can be readily applied to pretty much any transport system across the country, so join in our moaning and let us know what you hate about public transport.

Posted by Kate Lapthorn on April 18, 2011 11:30 AM in Monday Moan| Travel
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