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VideoBlog: Guilty, glossy pleasures

Glossy mags get the studious once over from B & B ....

Glossy, Guilty Pleasures from bryony beynon on Vimeo.
This Weekend

Women's magazine exhibition at the Women's Library in London - Between the Covers


Between the Covers is a free exhibition at the Women's Library in east London.

Between the Covers chronicles how women's magazines have evolved over the years - from The Ladies Diary of the 17th Century, through the housewife publications and feminist bibles of the 1950s and 60s, to the present day glossies and e-zines (Dollymix even features!).

The Women's Library is a library and cultural centre in East London. They show films, hold workshops and talks, and put on two main exhibitions a year.

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Men! Women are gross, go gay

gayad.jpgGay Times has had the genius and thoroughly amusing idea of taking the old homophobic spiel about promoting a "gay agenda" and actually doing it - they've commissioned a series of ad agencies to create campaigns which aim to convert fellas to the "gay lifestyle". Most of them are funny and make the point about how absurd such accusations are very nicely...

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Posted by Rebecca Nicholson on November 12, 2008 12:33 PM in In The News...| Magazines| Queerilicious
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Monday news: Observer Woman, breast cancer, Richard & Judy, Karen & Jack, Annie Leibovitz

jude.jpgNew Observer Woman yesterday, so if you like that kind of thing (clothes, Polly Vernon, sycophantic interviews) click here.

Meanwhile, exciting news for breast cancer month: a possible vaccine. "The processes of giving birth and breastfeeding protected a woman from breast cancer more than anything else." Giving birth, hopefully, is not the vaccine, though.

Self-proclaimed 'feminist' Judy Finnegan only does TV for Richard according to this piece, but the best thing is this photo - didn't Jude look amazing in a tie?

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Picture question

Picture Question: What's special about these people?


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Wednesday news: Supportive Clinton, gymnastic kids, Candace Bushnell, beautiful nuns


So Clinton is publicly backing the one who doesn't seem to hate women.

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In The News...

Thursday links: marriage mugs, Pill problems, Tanya Gold's latest experiment

cupring.jpgDo (or would) you take a break from your wedding ring, asks Shine.

And if you feel guilty about taking it off, there may be a solution - in the form of this surprisingly charming mug with a ring for a handle. Or maybe it's a wedding ring with a giant cup motif?

The Pill, they're saying now, could affect your sense of smell and put you off genetically compatible men. A new study reckons taking the Pill "could have implications for fertility and relationship breakdowns." Best to be on the safe side and stop taking it. Just squirt some water up your hoo-ha next time you take a shower and you won't get pregnant anyway.

Tanya Gold's inexplicable career thunders on with this latest article about her 'supersize me' style experiment to follow the lifestyle advice of glossy magazines. Honestly, fish... barrel. Morbidly interesting, nevertheless.


Sublime to ridiculous: a feminist magazine and a, uhm, 'condom belt'?

Those of you who've been crying out for a seriously multi-dimensional magazine reflecting the shifting identity of modern feminism should check out make/shift magazine. Here's how to submit stuff and get involved.

For the rest of you, ha ha! Look! It's a bit of string your fella ties round his waist to stop his johnny falling off! Arf! No, seriously.


Monday Links: Deborah Meaden, Sienna Miller, Observer Woman

deb.jpgDragon's Den star Deborah Meaden talks to The Guardian about her reputation for never investing, even though "statistically I was the dragon who invested in the most companies for two series. Is it because I'm a woman or because I don't make a song and dance about my investments?"

Maybe you can help. What's the feminist position on Sienna Miller's current predicament? Is she the 'home-wrecker' or is he? Are they as bad as each other?

And there's nothing wrong with shoes and bags of course, but isn't a publication called "The Observer Woman" (new issue out yesterday) missing an opportunity to set the standard of a modern woman's magazine? Something packed with actual women of different ages, races and backgrounds rather than broad, stereotypical, consumer-related interests?

In The News...

Friday links: Vogue's black issue, Female of the Species, Katie Price, penis extensions

vogue1.jpgIs Italian Vogue's 'black issue' a step forward for the industry, or just a gimmick that reinforces the message that white is the norm?

Joanna Murray-Smith's play 'The Female of The Species' opened in July to mixed reactions from feminists, and this week the author has answered her critics.

Self-proclaimed feminist Katie Price plays the dog-eared "successful author and businesswoman" card again in an article with her name at the top in The Times, today, as she asks why she was banned from the races. Still props for comparing herself to Audrey Hepburn.

And finally: a woman is demanding a divorce after her husband's penis extension - oh god - broke off during sex... I just hope it was worth it.