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Guy gets himself a robot girlfriend. Robot girlfriend dumps him

Alice Zoltan.jpg"I consider Alice my mentally-ill, paraplegic wife", says Zoltan, the proud owner of a robot lady love, who says he's hoping to start a "new sexuality". Alice, his other half, is an advanced robot who can hold conversations, and who lets him have a "Clinton moment" once a year on New Year's Eve.

He also has Kiri, the ultimate mindless pr0n star robot, but he has never done the dirty with Kiri, because he's faithful to Alice. No, I'm not on medication. More of this craziness over the turn.

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Posted by Katie on March 27, 2008 10:08 AM in Interviews| Sex & Relationships
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Dollymix's interview with Jacqui Smith, the UK's first female Home Secretary

Jacqui Smith, Home SecretaryLast week my friend Laura Street and I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with the first female Home Secretary of the UK, Jacqui Smith. It was such an honour simply to be able to speak with her, and we left the Home Office feeling not only inspired, but ready to start our own personal "Jacqui Smith for Prime Minister!" campaign. Smith passionately described the changes she's made in her Redditch constituency, and also spoke candidly to us about being a woman in politics, Hillary Clinton, and her personal take on being the UK's first female Home Secretary...

Dollymix: How and when did you first get into politics?

Jacqui Smith: I think I'm a bit notorious for having always been interested in speaking up for both for people and things that I thought were wrong. For example when I was seven I organized a petition, and I if you talk to my teachers now they'll say, "Well, we always knew that she was going to be an MP!"

DM: What was the petition for?

JS: Somebody came from the council when we were seven and told us that we weren't allowed to ride our bikes on the pavement and I thought this was outrageous! So I organized a petition, and they came back from the council and said, "Actually, that wasn't what we meant." (Laughs)

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Shiny Video Interview: Dr. Tanya Byron on the Byron Review into gaming

Dr. Tanya Byron, best known as a TV parenting shrink on programs like House of Tiny Tearaways, has been commissioned by the UK government to conduct an independent study with a wide remit on gaming, covering whether games are harmful and if so what can be done to protect children. Online gaming and Internet use are also covered by the study which is largely based on two "calls for evidence". These ask adults and, most importantly, children to give their opinions on the benefits and potential pitfalls of gaming. The review aims to be fair to the gaming industry in a way the mainstream media often has not been.

Here, I talk to Dr. Byron about the possible cynicism of gamers towards the review and her personal views on gaming as a child psychology expert and parent.

You can get involved with the study by responding to the call for evidence online.

A version of this post first appeared on Shiny Shiny.

Posted by Alexandra Roumbas on October 25, 2007 1:33 PM in Alex Roumbas| Columnists| Geekery| Interviews| Motherhood
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New device could save millions of babies from HIV: an exclusive interview

Meet Amy Openshaw and Beth-Marie McDonald, possibly the two most exciting scientists/ entrepreneurs in the world today. This team has developed a simple filter that HIV-positive mothers can use to stop their babies contracting HIV from breast milk.

For once, journalistic hyperbole can’t do a new invention justice. This filter could change the way millions of HIV-positive mothers bring up their babies, it could revolutionize HIV care, and most of all it could save hundreds of millions of lives.

But what exactly is the device, how does it work and how on earth did two fresh-faced PhD students from a small northern university develop it? Milly Shaw investigates…

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Posted by Milly Shaw on October 23, 2007 8:47 PM in Columnists| Interviews| Motherhood| Pregnancy
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Cindy Livingston talks to Dollymix about Time To Give and Safe House Ethiopia

cindy_livingston.jpgRecently Dollymix had the wonderful opportunity to interview Cindy Livingston, the President and CEO of Sequel AG, a new company that was created to to handle the growing European Union and booming international business of Guess Watches and Gc Watches. As well as being a successful and admirable businesswoman, Cindy Livingston is quite the humanitarian. One of Cindy's first priorities as the President and CEO of Sequeal AG was to to include philanthropy as part of its new Mission Statement, saying, “We have an opportunity and responsibility to expand upon all of the positive elements that have made our company and our brands respected around the world.”

The President of Interasia, Victor Ozeri, introduced Cindy to Safe House Ethiopia, which is a non-profit, walled compound in Addis Ababa that serves as a sanctuary for the poverty stricken children of the area. While there are little boys living at the Safe Horizons house, most of their guests are young girls, as it's not uncommon for a girl to quit school as early as 7 years old and be sent out to beg or engage in child labor for her family. It's incredibly dangerous for this young girls out on the streets, as many of the girls are even forced into child prostitution.

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Posted by Cate on October 16, 2007 3:23 PM in Interviews| Things to buy| Women on Top
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Femina Potens: Cera Byer follows the path less traveled

Cera%20Dancing.JPGCera Byer discovered at a young age that the traditional life which our society prescribes for young people didn’t fit who she was becoming as a woman. At 14 years old, she took an incredible leap of faith and started a life of her own, emancipating from her parents. For a time she struggled to balance work, school and the normal challenges of adolescence, which were intensified by her choice to seek the life which was right for her. Shortly after that she was fortunate to find a surrogate mother and friend who, with no questions asked, took her into her family; and, helped to guide her to make intelligent choices as to her schooling (done at home,) her development as a woman and the adult life she was seeking.

Since that time, Cera has put herself through school and begun down the path to a life fulfilled creating art; and, in the process has discovered that she has fortitude of character, life experiences and intense desire needed to mentor other young women in the same way she was mentored as a teen.

Read Kate’s interview with Cera after the jump…

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Femina Potens: 1,000 paper cranes - part two of our interview with Kati Kim

Kati%20Kim%20at%20JK%20Memorial_Feb%2017%2007.JPG Part two of Kate Kotler's exclusive interview with Kati Kim...

On 17 February, 2007, Kati, her daughters, and James’ family and friends gathered in Golden Gate Park to remember and celebrate his life. There were thousands of people who were touched by the heroism of James Kim, touched by Kati’s amazing resilience and character following her rescue, and touched with the idea of wanting Penelope and Sabine to grow up understanding how moved the world had been by their father’s dedication to his family. It was the heroism which took his life which joined them together to remember this truly remarkable man.

It was an uncharacteristically warm, sunny February day in Golden Gate Park that featured friends speaking about what James had meant to them, a children’s craft table, fire dancers, Native American drummers, opera singers, DJs, and the famous HoopGirl. One thousand colorful paper cranes fluttering in the breeze. The day epitomized the joyful way that James and Kati lived their lives, with families sitting on blankets showing their love and people danced to their own internal rhythms. The celebration continued on past sundown.

Kati remarked to a friend that she thought James was out in the crowd that day, dancing his heart out.

Read part two of Kate Kotler’s exclusive interview with Kati Kim after the jump:

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