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He's just not that into you

hes_just_not_that_into_you.jpg'He's just not that into you' that familiar Sex and the City phrase and now the title of an entire film.
I was reading a piece in Style magazine on the train back to London last weekend which centered largely around the topics said statement and film title bring up. I must admit I don't usually read the editorial, more glance over where I can buy what that week but I got stuck into this one when I read the first paragraph.

'This, I promise is exactly what he said to me "right, I m calling you tomorrow and you'd better have your phone with you. I absolutely adore you. I have to know when I m seeing you again'

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Posted by Louise Orcheston-Findlay on February 18, 2009 10:59 AM in Columnists| Friendships| Louise Orcheston-Findlay| Movies| Sex & Relationships
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Dollymix poll: would you have a baby with your best friend as a last resort?

I had thought it was the stuff of fantasies and Friends reruns - having a baby with a male pal if you were still single at 35.

But writer Katy Regan did just that, as she writes in the Daily Mail:

"We'd had the drunken conversation: 'If I don't meet anyone by 35, will you have a baby with me?' But at 29, I thought I still had time to meet 'the one'. The trouble was, my attempts at dating other men were half-hearted. Louis may not have been Mr Right, but I couldn't quite pull myself away."

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Beauty myths

Short film by Dove explores women's first impressions of each other

dollymixrobyn.jpgAt 2pm today will premiere their new short film, Intuition, which aims to broaden women's judgments of each other.

In the film, women are shown footage of other women they don't know, and are invited to comment. After making this film Dove commissioned research into women and the compliments they received:

  • 15% of women never receive comments about their appearance
  • 19% only rarely receive them
  • 6% of women only hear negative comments from their mothers
  • 92% of women admit they take comments they receive to heart

Check out the film over at the Dove website, which will be the latest in the Dove film series. There's already a brilliant one called Evolution showing how a perfectly pretty woman is made up and PhotoShopped to look "commercial ready".

How to...

Dollymix existential question: how do you get unstuck?

It is never too late to turn the tide, Lesley Garner wrote in The Telegraph yesterday:

"It doesn't matter how old you are: you are never too young or too old to feel stuck or, far better, to get un-stuck. I have seen teenagers sobbing that their life is a failure and I have seen 90-year-olds begin an exciting new life in a different country.

"Take a few deep breaths and remember a mantra, murmured by a slave in the ear of triumphant Roman generals: "This also will pass." The good things pass, and the bad things, too. The important thing is to keep dancing."

But how do you get unstuck? How do you 'keep dancing'?

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Dollymix question: why are online friendships still stigmatised?

The Guardian's Anna Pickard asks why online friendships are still treated with such disdain

When I first started using the internet I half-believed that, when I turned off my computer, all the little people in the box went away.

But ten years after I tentatively introduced myself to the World Wide Web (yeah, remember when it was called that?) with the catchy monicker of (or similar), many of the people I connected with then are still in my life now.

They're down the pub, they're in my phone, they're on my Christmas list, they come to my birthday parties.

In fact, Anna Pickard is one of them (although I forgot to send cards at Christmas, so ssh).

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Posted by Robyn Wilder on January 7, 2009 9:02 AM in Friendships| Robyn Wilder| Websites
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Catfighting my way to feminism and female friendships

Recently I've been hearing a lot of women say, "I'm not a feminist. I'm an egalitarian."

I used to say that, too.

I wasn't always a feminist. I would have been - it's just that I couldn't stand women.

I was one of those girls whose close friends are all male.

"Women are too capricious," I'd say (only if asked, and only if asked by a woman with short nails - I had a sense of self-preservation, after all). "They're too competitive, too shrill."

In my defence, that had been my experience to date.

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Top 5 movie best friends

While we're on the movie kick, then, I've picked out a tiny few of the best female friendships in film, but teh Dolly would rather hear what you lot think. So have a look at these bosom buddies and tell us - who are your most inspirational best mates from the big screen?


Friends Reunited/Facebook surprises

fb.jpgI know it's difficult to believe but there was a time, (before you were born, little ones) when there was no internet at all. People wrote things down or typed them up on rubbish computers and walked over to the bookcase everytime they had cause to look something up. But one thing you couldn't easily look up was the past. People got on with their lives, sometimes pausing from carpet-beating and brass-polishing to wonder about their old flames or playground enemies, but accepting that bygones were bygones. How things change.

As Jaci Stephens says in this piece where she traces a series of old schoolmates through Friends Reunited: "The past is just a mouse click away". I've found a few old classmates on the internet in recent years, and in my experience the friendships that have been reignited are often not the ones you expect. Have you ever been tempted to wreak vengeance on your old enemies, or rekindle an old flame?


Film review: The House Bunny

bunny.jpgWe talked about new Playboy-themed comedy The House Bunny the other day, and now I've seen it. Here's what I thought...

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