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Louise Orcheston-Findlay

Minus IQ plump for Kings of Neon

n635925188_1826784_6266.jpgMinus IQ are the latest band to be spotted with personalised trainers. It seems everyone nowadays wants to be a bit different and highlight their indiviuality by customising their clothes or products. We had a dig around here at Jack HQ and found a great way to jump onto the customising band wagon without getting your fingers stuck together with glue or having to find a fairy liquid bottle! Kings of Neon.
Kings of Neon can put any logo or design onto a vast array of different trainer designs including run of the mill plimsolls, DCs and vans straight through to Doc Martins! We were pretty excited about this and sent off to get some Jack ones done, we are now eagerly awaiting the results and will report back as soon as they arrive! Since finding the site we have also spotted them on a number of trend conscious journalists including Luke Blackall of the London Paper and Zoe Griffin of the Sunday Mirror!

Posted by Louise Orcheston-Findlay on January 16, 2009 11:52 AM in Crafty| Cute stuff| Friday Show & Tell| Louise Orcheston-Findlay
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This Weekend

Women's magazine exhibition at the Women's Library in London - Between the Covers


Between the Covers is a free exhibition at the Women's Library in east London.

Between the Covers chronicles how women's magazines have evolved over the years - from The Ladies Diary of the 17th Century, through the housewife publications and feminist bibles of the 1950s and 60s, to the present day glossies and e-zines (Dollymix even features!).

The Women's Library is a library and cultural centre in East London. They show films, hold workshops and talks, and put on two main exhibitions a year.

More after the jump...

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Friday Show & Tell

Ghost story of the week - Oh, whistle and I'll come to you, my lad

How spooky am I? I'm so spooky they call me 'Spooky Wilder'.

Actually, that's a lie. Despite my best efforts 'they' keep calling me Robyn, and I have to admit I'm about as spooky as a toothbrush.

But I like spooky things.

Creepy, anomalous things. Not alien abductions so much as mysterious apparitions, unexplained scratchings in the walls.

One of my favourite spooky things is the Christmas tradition of telling ghost stories.

So follow me over the jump to read a creepy tale from the master of Yuletide ghost stories, M.R. James. IF YOU DARE...

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Laura Kidd

What's (in) your bag, baybee?

I say that in an Austin Powers-style drawl, with my eyebrow raised and my demeanour dripping with vintage cool. I'm not sure you're buying it, but whatever - I'm here to talk about bags. Big bags, handbags, backpacks, briefcases, suitcases on wheels - what have you got and what's do you lug around in it?

As the Mulberry Bayswater aka the "It bag with a conscience" hits Gap stores this Saturday, I'm here to say that it's what's in your bag that's important, not what it looks like. Yes, I'm getting all metaphorical on your ass. This new, apparently "must-have" Mulberry may be retailing at £400 less than its leather counterparts, but does anyone really go along with this fancy bag stuff? Are you telling me you'd be happy to spend nearly £100 on a container for your packed lunch and library books? For those of you who say "Hell yes" I sincerely apologise, and I do hope you still take part in this little game. I won't charge you any money!

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Friday Show & Tell

Friday Show & Tell: What's in your browser history?

history.jpgIt's that time again. We've looked at your bags, desks, phones and other places too. Now we want - need to see... what's on your browser history? Just the top few. Be selective; we're not going to check. And you know I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do myself, so come with me, children, over the fold. I'll show you everything.

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Friday Show & Tell

Friday Show & Tell: what's on your desk?

workfromhome.jpgWhat's on your desk? You were good about letting us look in your handbags and computer desktops, but will you let us snoop around your desk? People have all kinds of ridiculous crap personal trinkets on their desks, both at work and at home... and the way we decorate our little corner of the office might reflect our personalities in interesting ways. Do you have teetering stacks of paper covering every inch of space? Or do you need a clear desk to have a clear mind? In the interests of fairness, then, here's what's on my desk:

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Friday Show & Tell

Friday Show & Tell: what's on your phone?

text.jpgAha, now we get down to it! Dollymix has delved into your handbags and snooped at your desktops... Hell, we've even demanded to know about the content of your email inbox. What we want you to share today - in a mental, jealous partner kind of way - is your text messages (and, if you like, who's sending them) Choose five, and as usual I'll begin...

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Posted by on September 12, 2008 10:00 AM in Friday Show & Tell| Fun & Games
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Friday Show & Tell

Friday Show & Tell: What's in your inbox?

mail.jpgAlright, not everything, or we'll be here for several years (mine goes back to 2005). Dollymix wants to hear about five things from your inbox, so do share. Be selective, make stuff up if you like. We're not going to find out. We're not The Man. Here's mine:

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Friday Show & Tell

Friday Show & Tell: what's by your bed?

bedside.jpgWe've peered over and checked out each other's desktops, we've sneaked a peek in each other's bags.

Now it's time to get friendly in the bedroom. As ever, I'll start us off. Join in when you think you know the tune.

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Friday Show & Tell

Friday Show & Tell: oldest teddies

ears.jpgFor this week's show & tell we're trying something different. Here's what to do:

1. Take a quick snap of your oldest teddy (or doll, cuddly dog, whatever).

2. Link to it in the comments or email it to along with a few lines of background about it...

3. Then next week - and if there are enough entries this is a promise - I'LL PUT UP A GALLERY of readers' teddies.

It'll be like a geriatric teddy bears' picnic! Do you want to see each other's old teddies? It'll only work if lots of people take part, so please do! As ever, I'll kick off. Ladies I'd like you to meet a good friend of mine...

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