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Snack Attack: 3.23pm is the prime time to eat junk food

Ever get to a certain time in the afternoon when you fancy throwing away your healthy eating intentions and indulging in some junk food? You're not the only one. According to a survey by The Atkins diet, the average time we get the snack attack is 3.23pm. The main reasons why we give into our snacking urges is through stress or boredom. A dip in energy is also attributed to the need to gorge on chocolate.

In fact for those of us on a diet, 3.23pm is the time of the day when our will power is at it's weakest. 62% of us forgo out diet then, compared to 22% who snack later in the evening.

It's particularly tempting to snack when colleagues bring in tasty cakes and snacks. No surprise there then.

Do you snack in the afternoons?

Posted by Emma Cossey on March 22, 2011 11:07 AM in Food
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How to be a Black Metal Housewife

I love Black Metal. At least in idea, if not in actual practice. As amusing comedy musical genres go, it's the tops. What's not to love about a load of men indulging in sweaty homoerotic past times involving goats blood, sacrificial virgins and more make up than a branch of Superdrug?

Thumbnail image for Black Metal.jpg

As you also may have gathered, I also have a bit of a soft spot for domesticity. Please bear in mind that an appreciation of domesticity doesn't mean that I'm particularly great at it. The current state of the attic room I live in is testament to that. I can't sew, knitting appears to be a task beyond the limitations of my motor skills, and, I'll let you into a secret here. I can't iron to save my life.

So, I have immense admiration for anyone who can do all of these things, and write a blog about how to keep your favourite Venom t-shirt looking as black as your bitter Gothic heart. Behold then the wonder of the Atmospheric Black Metal Kitchen. Writen by a girl who describes herself as being the darkest of all music genre's own answer to looking like new (remember, WOOLITE IST KRIEG) , handy pointers on stitching etiquette and care to ensure your patches don't fall off in a particularly energetic moshpit, and, perhaps most importantly of all, some rather fantastic advice on how to use soap. After all, a clean metalhead is a true metalhead.

black metal cupcakes.jpg

If, like my good self, your forté lies more in the baking side of affairs, then any sweet toothed appreciator of Thrash will appreciate The Black Oven, a blog dedicated to how to make Immaculate confections succumbed to northern darkness

The Black Oven is a work of wonder. Not only are the recipes so damn tasty, you'll be sacrificing the first of each batch to Odin, the cooking methods show that the production of fine confectionary is a dark art indeed. Somehow I can't imagine that you ever find Jamie Oliver telling Channel 4 viewers that their Les Petit Gateau de Légions-Noires are best enjoyed with a clenched hand to the heart in coronary distress.


Miss Cay


chefs hat.jpg

Are we all sitting comfortably? Full bellies and a sense of contentment? Good good good. Let's get down to this shall we? (Well, after the ad for BBC3's Being Human-anyone watched that yet? Is it good?) IT'S MASTERCHEF!

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Posted by Miss Cay on February 5, 2009 7:58 PM in Food| Food and Cooking| Miss Cay
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Miss Cay

WHY I LOVE... Masterchef

I love my food. Always have done, and probably always will do. Over the past few years, I've also become rather addicted to large swathe of the cookery programmes that appear to be slowly taking over the airwaves. I've seethed silently over Auntie Delia's love of tinned mince and frozen hockey pellets of mash, cooed over Nigella Lawson's obscenely good-looking kitchen, and-on more than one occasion-had to restrain my mother from licking the television screen when she's caught sight of that James Martin bloke who presents Saturday Kitchen.

I do a lot of cooking at home, and take a real pride in my skills in the kitchen. I know how to make a halfway decent loaf of bread, I can bake cakes so good they have been known to make grown men weep and, upon feeding him the fruits of my labours after I attended a Malaysian Cookery Course, my boyfriend once told me that my food was "as good-maybe better" than the stuff he got from his local takeaway. (Charming lad).

Masterchef presenters.jpg

However, around this time of year, an alarm clock goes off in my stomach. The alarm clock which compels me to park myself in front of a television at 8.30pm every weekday evening to watch two lardy, hairy, shouty men shovel obscene amounts of food into their mouths like a pair of mutant pez dispensers. Oh yes, it's time to come clean with my guilty little secret. Dollymixers, you can keep your Dancing on Ice and your X-Factor, I, Miss Cay, am addicted to Masterchef.

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Louise Orcheston-Findlay

A tip off from the Cheeky Girls leads us to the Chocolate Hotel

chocolate hotel.gifMy first Dollymix post comes from Who's Jack headquarters and what better way to start off my week's stay than a little look at chocolate?

Who doesn't love chocolate? I have just returned from a weekend's stay at the Chocolate Hotel in Bournemouth. The weather was questionable, what with full gale force gusts and airborne sea water turning me and my partner into drowned rats.

The Chocolate Hotel is the headquarters of Jerry, self proclaimed entrepreneur. His exploits include stripper party buses for stag parties, a bar that has a cocktail jukebox (one of only two in the world), chocolate workshops and of course the Chocolate Hotel. Jerry travels all over the country with his chocolate workshops and has the largest chocolate fountain in the country! So large in fact, is his Chocolate fountain that it had pride of place at Jordan's (or Katie Price? never sure about that one) wedding and made the Cheeky Girls very happy at their private party not too long ago.

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Posted by Louise Orcheston-Findlay on January 13, 2009 2:15 PM in Food| Food and Cooking| Holidays| Louise Orcheston-Findlay| This Weekend
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Food and Cooking

Robyn's celebrity-endorsed Christmas truffle recipe

A long time ago, on a blog far, far away, I published my recipe for Christmas rum truffles, and I thought I would share it with you Dollymixers today.

Why? What's so good about my truffles?

Well, they're edible (which is a huge achievement considering that I can burn salad).

Secondly they were bigged up by one Belle de Jour in her first novel. In fact, she liked them so much that she dedicated her latest novel to li'l ole me, purely (as I understand it) on the strength of my little brown balls.

So follow me over the jump for the low-down on how to make these delicious sticky gobs of sweetness/rather pathetic excuses for name-dropping/guaranteed-to-underwhelm conversation points.

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Health & Beauty

Dollymix question: is full-fat the new fat-free?

Full-fat diet craze hits Hollywood shocker!

Well, ish. Allegedly Sarah Jessica Parker, Teri Hatcher and Sharon Stone have adopted the philosophy of nutritionist Esther Blum, who believes that a diet rich in saturated oils is key to breaking "the bonds of diet despotism" into which the fat-free culture has enslaved us.

"We live in a low-fat, fat-free culture, and women in particular have done their bodies a disservice, because we have disrupted our hormones to a quite phenomenal degree," said Blum, author of Secrets of Gorgeous: Hundreds of Ways to Live Well While Living It Up. "Advertisers do all they can to convince us that we've got to look, taste and smell great -and, to top it all, we have to perform perfectly in every situation. It's enough to give a girl a complex."

More after the jump...

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Alternative Christmas dinners

Last week The Guardian ran a piece discussing the rights and wrongs of IKEA's decision to stock reindeer salami. If you're all caught up in the Christmas cartoon myth of Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer herd pulling big fat Santa round the world once a year to deliver presents then eating said reindeer in salami form is in pretty bad taste, ethics aside, but even those who don't mind the idea of it are unlikely to make it the centrepiece of a festive lunch.

Still, it got me thinking about alternative Christmas dinners. Is the credit crunch going to affect what people put on the table this year? Will the new trend in sourcing ethical meat and fish make a difference to what's on offer in the shops? What are you planning to eat on December 25th? Read on after the ads:

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Posted by on December 9, 2008 1:40 PM in Ethics| Food| Laura Kidd
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In The News...

Sarah Palin misogyny, Hallowe'en recipes, first date sex, bizarre spas, furry Friday

Is the Sarah Palin-hating thing all about misogyny, when it comes down to it? Interesting piece by Kira Cochrane today. But where does Tina Fey-loving fit into all this?

If you're having a party, there are some excellent Hallowe'en recipes over on Shine.

Should a girl put out on a first date? That's the hot topic on Daily Bedpost at the moment. So... withhold? Go for it, sistah? What do you think?

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Food and Cooking

Does your coffee habit affect your bustline?

coffee2.jpgHere's an interesting one. Some boffins in Sweden appear to have found that drinking just three cups of coffee a day can make your breasts shrink. About 300 women had their bust measurements and coffee consumption monitored, and it was found that breast reduction increased for every cup drunk. (Even if you take yours with breast milk? - Ed)

"Drinking coffee can have a major effect on breast size," said Helena Jernstroem, a lecturer in experimental oncology at Lund University in Sweden. "Coffee-drinking women do not have to worry their breasts will shrink to nothing overnight. They will get smaller, but the breasts aren't just going to disappear. However, anyone who thinks they can tell which women are coffee drinkers just from their bra measurements will be disappointed. The problem is that there are two measures for a bra - the cup size and the girth - so you wouldn't be able to tell."

Hmm. All very interesting, but does anyone else feel a bit rough if they drink too much caffeine? Still, I guess not as rough as you would feel after having an operation... and maybe it works on guys' 'moobs' too? More cool facts about coffee here.