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Is this the mother-in-law from hell?

motherinlawfromhell.jpgAn email from Carolyn Bourne to her potential daughter-in-law is currently doing the rounds - and it's a doozy. Carolyn sent Heidi Withers an email after she came to stay for a couple of days with her fiancee (and Carolyn's stepson) Freddie, listing all the ways she was rude or demonstrated bad manners.

I kinda agree with some of her points. If it's true that Heidi discussed a castle wedding, despite not being in a position to contribute to the costs, then it's a bit tasteful. And I'd be a little bit annoyed if someone came to stay but refused to get up at the same sort of time as everyone else. 

But some of Carolyn's demands are outdated, and in some instances, truly bizarre. Who doesn't accidentally put there foot in it with the in-laws at some point or other? Carolyn's issue with Heidi's taste in food just seems petty to me.

Below is some of the original email. Do you think she overreacted, or did she have some valid points?

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Posted by Emma Cossey on June 30, 2011 1:23 PM in Family
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Could footballers be promoting the belief that adultery is the norm?

weddingring.jpgIt seems like a week hasn't gone by recently when a footballer hasn't been caught cheating on his wife or girlfriend. Ashley Cole famously did the dirty on Cheryl Cole a number of times, John Terry allegedly cheated on his wife with a team mate's other half, and Wayne Rooney has an apparent addiction for paying for sex with the elderly while Coleen Rooney sits at home pregnant.

Sadly, these actions appear to be rubbing off on the next generation of teenage boys. Reg Bailey, who is leading a government review of the sexualisation of childhood, believes the actions of roles models like footballers and pop stars are leading to a new set of 'norms.'

Relate, the relationships support group, is also keen to look further into the issue, and hopes to team up with the Football Association in order to further understand why so many celebrities resort to adultery.

Do you think the actions of celebs like Wayne Rooney and Ashley Cole has an impact on the next generation?

Image: Fordos
Source: Telegraph

Posted by Emma Cossey on December 29, 2010 2:06 PM in Celebrities| Family
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Women on Top

How much time do mums spend online?

Mumpreneurs have dominated the online world for several years now, and so the statistics above from Microsoft Advertising about the amount of time mums spend online are hardly surprising.

The survey of 731 UK mums revealed that pregnant mothers are the most active surfers, spending 220 minutes daily online. While that drops once the bundle of joy arrives, new mums still manage to fit 95 minutes a day in. This further drops for mums of pre-school mums (83 minutes a day) and primary school mums (82 minutes a day), but rises again once the kids hit the age of ten (107 minutes a day)

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Posted by Emma Cossey on December 28, 2010 10:30 AM in Family| Motherhood| Women on Top
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13 year old girl strip-searched at school

US teen Savana Redding was subjected to a humiliating strip-search by school staff, after a classmate claimed that Savana was carrying "contraband tablets" (ibuprofen).

When it turned out that Savana didn't have any on her, the school neither apologised, nor returned her mother's calls.

So Mrs Redding called the cops.

Now, thanks to Savana's own tireless campaigning, the case went to the US Supreme Court, who declared the school's actions as a violation of Savana's civil rights.

Watch the video below for Savana's story, and follow us over the jump for more.

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Dollymix poll: would you have a baby with your best friend as a last resort?

I had thought it was the stuff of fantasies and Friends reruns - having a baby with a male pal if you were still single at 35.

But writer Katy Regan did just that, as she writes in the Daily Mail:

"We'd had the drunken conversation: 'If I don't meet anyone by 35, will you have a baby with me?' But at 29, I thought I still had time to meet 'the one'. The trouble was, my attempts at dating other men were half-hearted. Louis may not have been Mr Right, but I couldn't quite pull myself away."

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How to...

Dollymix existential question: how do you get unstuck?

It is never too late to turn the tide, Lesley Garner wrote in The Telegraph yesterday:

"It doesn't matter how old you are: you are never too young or too old to feel stuck or, far better, to get un-stuck. I have seen teenagers sobbing that their life is a failure and I have seen 90-year-olds begin an exciting new life in a different country.

"Take a few deep breaths and remember a mantra, murmured by a slave in the ear of triumphant Roman generals: "This also will pass." The good things pass, and the bad things, too. The important thing is to keep dancing."

But how do you get unstuck? How do you 'keep dancing'?

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In The News...

Monday news: new Who, Kate Moss pregnancy speculation, raising a family in the Gaza Strip, size 8 women 'have more sex'


Good morning from snowbound London (and by 'bound' I mean 'sprinkled'). Here is THE NEWS....

Never mind all that war and economic crap, we've got a new Timelord!

This weekend Doctor Who Confidential revealed (in an unnecessarily agonising and drawn-out process) that David Tennant will regenerate into Matt Smith, a relatively unknown actor who is, at 26, the youngest ever actor to take on the challenge.

According to Matthew Sweet (cultural commentator and broadcaster), Matt Smith also "looks like someone who could have been in Duran Duran":

"Matt Smith has got a fascinating face. It's long and bony, with a commanding jaw... I suspect he might be a more sensual character than David Tennant, who had no kind of dangerous sexuality about him. There's something Byronic about Matt Smith - he's got the lips for it."

Jeez, get a room already.

Follow us over the jump for more NEWS...

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Laura Kidd

A dog's not just for Christmas - but neither is a cat

This much is obvious, but lately I've had more and more people asking me in-depth questions about dog ownership. I think it's an age thing - once you're over the quarter century hump, debts are paid off (except student loans - no-one includes those) and living arrangements become less hovel-esque, thoughts can turn to bringing a new little life in to the house.

If you're not ready for babymaking, the typical choice is cat or dog. People make much of being either a cat or a dog person, and the one you choose apparently says quite a lot about your personality. More after the jump...

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Posted by on December 4, 2008 2:05 PM in Cute stuff| Family| Laura Kidd
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In The News...

Sarah Palin misogyny, Hallowe'en recipes, first date sex, bizarre spas, furry Friday

Is the Sarah Palin-hating thing all about misogyny, when it comes down to it? Interesting piece by Kira Cochrane today. But where does Tina Fey-loving fit into all this?

If you're having a party, there are some excellent Hallowe'en recipes over on Shine.

Should a girl put out on a first date? That's the hot topic on Daily Bedpost at the moment. So... withhold? Go for it, sistah? What do you think?

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In The News...

Monday news: Gok Wan, eggs freezing, clubbing dads, couple finance, booty calls

gok.jpgGok Wan's new show attempts to redefine the meaning of 'beauty'. Which might sound ambitious, or possibly missing the point, or something... but is certainly an interesting idea.

And one for those of us still slightly creeped out by the idea of 'human eggs' - a woman writing in in The Times today has had her eggs frozen.

Find out why everyone loves Tina Fey, over on the BBC site.

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