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Five UK craft blogs and sites you have to follow


Love crafting? So do we. Here are five of our favourite blogs for all things crafty.

We had to mention Crafty Crafty! Our sister blog is full of free patterns, crafting news and opinion pieces about the latest trends.

Dork Adore
Admittedly I'm slightly biased as I write for Dork Adore, but our craft editor Michelle and her busy team constantly work on bringing you the best free patterns, and plenty of goodies from Etsy and Folksy. Michelle also has her own crafting blog, craftsville, which is particularly good for crafting events.

Folksy blog

Handmade marketplace Folksy has an excellent blog, not just for featuring its members but also for craft challenges, features and craft round ups.


Prefer your craft with a side order of activism? Craftivism combines the two to take a deeper look at crafting, and how it can influence.

Make and do with Perri.

When she's not writing for the Guardian, Perri runs this blog filled with snippets of news, information and images of crafting (both her own and others).

What's your favourite craft blog?

Posted by Emma Cossey on June 15, 2011 8:30 AM in Crafty
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Louise Orcheston-Findlay

Minus IQ plump for Kings of Neon

n635925188_1826784_6266.jpgMinus IQ are the latest band to be spotted with personalised trainers. It seems everyone nowadays wants to be a bit different and highlight their indiviuality by customising their clothes or products. We had a dig around here at Jack HQ and found a great way to jump onto the customising band wagon without getting your fingers stuck together with glue or having to find a fairy liquid bottle! Kings of Neon.
Kings of Neon can put any logo or design onto a vast array of different trainer designs including run of the mill plimsolls, DCs and vans straight through to Doc Martins! We were pretty excited about this and sent off to get some Jack ones done, we are now eagerly awaiting the results and will report back as soon as they arrive! Since finding the site we have also spotted them on a number of trend conscious journalists including Luke Blackall of the London Paper and Zoe Griffin of the Sunday Mirror!

Posted by Louise Orcheston-Findlay on January 16, 2009 11:52 AM in Crafty| Cute stuff| Friday Show & Tell| Louise Orcheston-Findlay
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Home improvement

image011.jpgWhat with all of us feeling the nip of the crunch, more and more people are plugging to stay in their homes and improve rather than move. One of the easiest and often cheapest areas to revamp are your walls. Forget kitchens, bathrooms and the deceptively expensive curtain change, the walls are where its at.

I've recently been spotting all sorts of wall adornments in the shops.
Have a trot down to Kingly Court in Carnaby Street and have a look in lifestyle boutique 'Supernice'. These guys create wall art that can be put up and taken down whenever you feel like a change. Ideal for people who always change their minds, there's a design to suit every mood, from bright and bold spots, to intricate and fantastical scenes. The original designs will transform a room in no time for as little as £16.

Another option is wall paper. If you can find a helpful strapping man to put it up for you as it can be a bit of a pain but a nice excuse to look at a rippling back!
Meg Mathews has some amazing designs and we are told that Sadie Frost herself has a downstairs loo covered in the skull patterns.

Posted by Louise Orcheston-Findlay on January 15, 2009 4:03 PM in Celebrities| Crafty| Home and Living| Louise Orcheston-Findlay
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Food and Cooking

Robyn's celebrity-endorsed Christmas truffle recipe

A long time ago, on a blog far, far away, I published my recipe for Christmas rum truffles, and I thought I would share it with you Dollymixers today.

Why? What's so good about my truffles?

Well, they're edible (which is a huge achievement considering that I can burn salad).

Secondly they were bigged up by one Belle de Jour in her first novel. In fact, she liked them so much that she dedicated her latest novel to li'l ole me, purely (as I understand it) on the strength of my little brown balls.

So follow me over the jump for the low-down on how to make these delicious sticky gobs of sweetness/rather pathetic excuses for name-dropping/guaranteed-to-underwhelm conversation points.

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Top 5 blogs - this week: design

I like a bit of design, me. Not doing it so much - I used to be a decent web designer and I can draw adequately - but, as I mentioned before, I don't really have the patience or coordination for crafty pursuits (also I seem to be a clutter-magnet).

But I like design. And when the world gets too much, with all its bustle and jarring noises, I like to retire to a quiet corner with some design blogs and soothe my head with their pretty layouts, genius finds and clever arrangements.

So I thought I would share my top five design blogs with you after the jump.

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Yay Or Nay

9/11 World Trade Center plush toys, urban knitting and general crafty delights


Now, I don't have anything against knitters. Some of my best friends knit. In fact, one of my best friends, the fabulous Tchatchke, knitted me this fetching beanie to keep my thoughts warm in winter. But the sad fact is I have needle envy. I can't knit, sew or crochet - I wish I could, but I don't have the patience and my fingers won't obey me. And I can't imagine the thought and care that must go into crafting a piece of work.

So what to make of these homemade 9/11 plush toys by Johnny and Jenny Ryan? (More after the jump)

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Laura Kidd

Have a craftastic weekend!

As week one of my guest editorship draws to a close, I'd like to thank you all for reading, voting and commenting. It's been a fun five days and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in next week!

But first - and this ties in rather neatly with yesterday's popular post about a handmade Christmas - if you're in London and stuck for something to do tomorrow why not check out not one but two wonderful crafty Christmassy fairs? Full info after the jump:

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Laura Kidd

Happy handmade Christmas!

I have a big apology to make - I've already mentioned the C-word at least three times during my guest editorship and it's only day four. Anyone who knows me would probably be surprised that I'm paying Little Baby Jesus' birthday any attention at all, but what can I say? - there's something in the air this year, something rustic, something homely, something handmade.

If you're sick of buying mass-made plastic presents for your nieces and nephews, branded perfumes, boring socks and gift vouchers for your friends and hunting frantically for something that your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/fuck buddy will find even vaguely interesting, or even if you're just sick of giving all your Christmas money to THE MAN, I have the solutions for you. Read on after the ads:

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Posted by on December 4, 2008 4:15 PM in Crafty| Cute stuff| Laura Kidd
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Funny Women

Friday news: Caitlin's handbag, new Bond, Generation Sex, crafty things

caitlinm.jpgThe wonderful, wonderful Caitlin Moran explains why the handbag she wants most is actually a hollowed-out jacket potato, slags off the fashion world's efforts to sell us £600 handbags, and generally massively brightens my morning. I have to quote her. I just have to: "No one has ever passed judgment on my cheap handbag to my face. But then, this is a reserved country. I don't know how they would react to my £45 handbag somewhere more demonstrative - Portugal, say, or Texas. They might leap on to their chairs screaming "MAH GAHD!", trying to hit my cheap handbag with a broom, as if it were vermin."

Elsewhere in The Times, a lukewarm reception for the new Bond film.

A new show called, ahem, Generation Sex is looking for hot young things to interview about their sex lives. Contact (0207 985 1726).

Some awesome face painting to inspire your hallowe'en costume here.

And I think the real question is... why wouldn't you want to make a crochet bat?

Beauty myths

Stylish Wednesday things: heels, dresses and houses

heel7.jpgHalf-way through the week, almost the end of the month, it's suddenly gone dark outside. I think we're entitled to think about what we'd like to spend our money on.

First of all, the world has gone heels KERAYZEEEEEEE lately, all very pretty for sure but not so practical for, like walking through snow in. For example. As Christian Louboutin launches an 8-inch stiletto, Hannah Betts asks why do we love heels? And is it un-feminist to do so?

But if you do decide to go for it, check out Claudia Croft's advice on walking in skyscraper shoes first: "Catwalk models, who are paid huge amounts to make walking in heels look easy, are having trouble staying upright in the fierce new shoes. Three fell from their lofty sling-backs at the Prada show in Milan recently, and those who managed to stay upright wobbled their way along the catwalk like newborn foals."

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