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The Lipster

Dollymix Guest Editors: The Lipster ladies take over Dollymix!

The Lipster Dollymix.jpgWe're callous souls over here at Dollymix, and while your cheeks are all still moist from the sad news that Leila is leaving, I've been doing some half-arsed photoshop work in order to convey in pictorial form the fact that the fabulous Lipster writers will be taking over Dollymix for TWO WHOLE WEEKS from Monday. Marvellous news indeed!

Yes, so difficult is Leila Johnston to replace, we've decided *not* to replace her. Instead, we've roped in a whole host of fantastic guest editors to take over Dollymix for two weeks at a time. It's like Have I Got News for You in internet form! (Except that Leila hasn't slept with any prostitutes - as far as I'm aware)

Guardian writers, Wendy Roby and Rebecca Nicholson (click on their names to read their Guardian columns), will be your hosts for the next fortnight. They've been lovingly editing The Lipster for quite some time now, and they'll be bringing their own brand of brilliance to proceedings. If you don't already know their wonderful work, make sure you check out their site - though I'm sure they'll be plugging it more than enough themselves next week...

Stay tuned for more guest editor announcements in the coming weeks!

Dollymix News

It's Leila's last day as Dollymix editor :(

leila_johnston.jpgSad news, people, Dollymix will no longer be supplying 100% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of Leila Johnston. Your beloved editor is moving on to pastures new, working on other projects, and generally leaving us just when we'd all developed a dependence.

Those of you who've grown to know and love her writing like I have will no doubt be distraught at the loss of such a unique talent (not everyone can put together a Top 5 fanciable half-man half-beasts feature), so make sure you dose yourself up on as much Leila as you can today, because it's got to last you.

Some of Leila's best moments on Dollymix:

Horoscopes reviewed
- Daily Mail v Mystic Meg

Crazy names - yay or nay? Leila feels bitter about having a strange name

The jobs women *really* find sexy
Leila admits to finding magicians sexy (even though they spent their adolescence practising card tricks in their bedrooms while everyone else was out frotting).

The best actors who played teenaged boys
Never one to resist the lure of a slightly creepy Top 5.

In fact, check out all Leila's slightly twisted Top 5's here in the Top 10 category (we really should think about changing that).

Bye Leila, we're going to miss you. x


Dollymix News

Our Katie Lee... guest editing Kirtsy!

katiedolly.jpgCheck out Kirtsy today, where our very own Katie Lee is guest editor. Think of Kirtsy as a sort of 'Digg - for women', loads of popular and interesting websites laid out in a cute and clear way, and regularly updated. Katie will be picking the best of the web, and knowing Dollymixers to be a discerning bunch, she'd like you to help. To contact her with stories you think are worth a mention, email her here, or look up ShinyKatie on del.ici.ous or StumbleUpon.

Women's "Ishoos"

Dollymix review: The Mooncup

Thumbnail image for Katie_thumbnail_cropped.jpgAfter reading Leila's "Can you have a plastic-free period?" article here on Dollymix, I decided to bite the bullet and finally get myself kitted out with a hippy-sounding Mooncup. How did I fare? Well, keep reading to find out!

About six years ago in a toilet at Glastonbury festival I spotted, amongst all the graffiti and band stickers, an advert for the Mooncup. I was strangely intrigued by the concept of a plastic cup taking over the duties usually performed to great effect by tampons, but in the end I wrote it off as one hippy move too far. But over the years I read more about them, and I found myself ever more drawn to the idea of a cotton-free, waste-free period. Eventually, I decided to get one, only to find myself put off by some bad reviews from people who found them painful and leaky.

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Isn't being married great?!

Smug marrieds.jpgGetting married was all about the party for me, but little did I know that I was joining a secret underground world of sanctioned smugness...

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Top 10

Dollymix Feature: Top 5 Stupid Parents

britneyspears-no car seat.jpgPut your baby on eBay? Left them wandering down the hard shoulder of a motorway? It's easily done - if you're one of our Top 5 stupid parents, that is.

Come with us as we celebrate the silly, stupid and downright dangerous things parents have done with their kids!

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Top 10

Top 10 Crying male actors. Yes, we really did just say that

James McAvoy.jpgIf there's one thing we love here at Dollymix (well, Gemma and me anyway) it's men having a little blub on screen. There's nothing quite like a grown man giving in to his emotions and getting all teary-eyed. And if you want to be sure that we'll all leave the cinema in love, get the guy to well up when he thinks he might be losing his lady love. Because we all know what that means, right? It means he REALLY LOVES HER.

OK, I admit it's weak-brained, and not a little bit creepy to go all goey over the spectacle of a man in tears. If a man told you he got turned on by a woman crying, you'd think he was some kind of pervert. But women are much better at letting their emotions leak out from their eyes and seeing a man show a bit of vulnerability is almost as effective as giving him a puppy to carry.

And some actors are better at blubbing than others, with the tears springing to their eyes at the merest hint of emotional turmoil. So, without further ado, here's our pick of the very best crying male actors.

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Top 10

Top 5 Female Put downs - handy cut out and keep guide to slagging off the ladies

Over on the F-Word, Jess has put together a heartfelt, intelligent and searing attack on the idiots who told a female scientist to "quit whining" and "get back in the kitchen" after she wrote a piece for Wired magazine about the lack of females in science. But while Jess was putting together a truly compelling argument for why these commenters are a bunch of dickwits, I've spent my time pulling together a round up of the favourite insults we've ever received (or seen other people receive) at Shiny Towers. Time usefully spent, I'm sure you'll agree.

One thing I learned? Misogynists rely too much on the "get back in the kitchen" and should think about being a bit more creative with their insults.

Keep reading for the Dollymix Top 5 female put downs.

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Are you going out with a "typical bloody man"?

Thumbnail image for Katie_thumbnail_profile1.JPGThere's a great piece over on The Guardian today by Rebecca Front called "No excuse for man-bashing". In it, she says that resorting to lazy gender stereotypes does no one any favours, "if we demand respect from men, we must also give respect to them".

She gives a couple of examples of recent male bashing she's witnessed coming from the mouths of women, and reading them brought to mind my own personal bugbear: women who complain that their boyfriend/partner/husband/fuck buddy is a "typical bloody man".

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Dollymix's Top 10 Websites for Women

Ravelry Jezebel Skirt Shinyshiny craftster.jpgThe other week, those of you with sturdy memories will recall, I wrote a piece about the lack of decent women's websites, communities and hang-outs online. It's not just that the websites supposedly built for women tend to be bland reproductions of printed magazines with forums that make you despair for your gender, it's also that sites such as Digg and Fark, tend to be pretty unwelcoming - if not positively hostile - towards women (just cast your eye over the story results for "women" on Digg and check out the kinds of comments the stories get). And so, in a bid to find the best places for women to while away their work hours online, I've put together the Dollymix Top 10 Websites for Women. Some of the results may surprise you...

Keep reading for Dollymix's Top 10 Websites for Women.

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