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Too early for a Christmas top 10?

Fijit.jpgTesco don't think so.

They've released their predictions for the top 10 toys this Christmas, and as usual it's filled with updated classics and some seriously weird options.

Top of their list is Fijit (right). It's sort of like a Furby, in that it responds to what you say, and throws the odd dance move into the mix. Essentially, it's every parent's worst nightmare.

A digital camera for kids, the Kidizoom Twist Camera, is predicted to come in second.

Thankfully, some more classic offerings from Lego, Monopoly and Transformers continue to dominate the list.

The full list is below. What toys did you love as a child?

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Posted by Emma Cossey on June 6, 2011 5:27 PM in Fun & Games| christmas
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Food and Cooking

Robyn's celebrity-endorsed Christmas truffle recipe

A long time ago, on a blog far, far away, I published my recipe for Christmas rum truffles, and I thought I would share it with you Dollymixers today.

Why? What's so good about my truffles?

Well, they're edible (which is a huge achievement considering that I can burn salad).

Secondly they were bigged up by one Belle de Jour in her first novel. In fact, she liked them so much that she dedicated her latest novel to li'l ole me, purely (as I understand it) on the strength of my little brown balls.

So follow me over the jump for the low-down on how to make these delicious sticky gobs of sweetness/rather pathetic excuses for name-dropping/guaranteed-to-underwhelm conversation points.

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Picture question: what's this?

Thumbnail image for snowman-with-bottle-and-stick-3.jpg

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Fun & Games

Ghost story of the week - evil Mom thing

Good morning and welcome to the Great Christmas Lull - that fallow period between Christmas and New Year when a young woman's fancy turns away from mince pies and celebrity specials and towards detoxing and abstinence and wondering when one's granny will finally go home.

Why not shake things up with a spine-tingling ghost story? Yes, I did say that I'd post ghost stories on Fridays, but last Friday was a bit too festive. I feel that this Monday, with its air of folorn solemnity and melancholy (or is that only me because I'm at work?) is much more appropriate.

This week's ghost story comes from Blakta2 on the Fortean Times message board:

When I was about 15 or 16 I had an experience that still makes my skin crawl with fear when I think about it. [...]

My father often had to travel for business and this left my Mother, my younger sister and myself alone together. We actually enjoyed these times because it meant we could watch what ever WE wanted on T.V., eat whatever WE agreed on, etc. The atmosphere was alot like that of a fun sleepover.

One of these nights I happened to be lying on my parents waterbed watching television and munching on popcorn. I thought I heard a rustling in the room outside of my line of vision as only the glowing neon light of the television was on, casting the rest of the room into shadow. I stopped chewing my popcorn and strained to hear better, turning the sound down on the tv. I heard nothing and shrugged, continuing my popcorn eating.

Suddenly I heard it again, except this time it wasn't a rustling at all but a clear, intelligible voice that spoke plainly in my ear "Excuse Me Kim"....

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Posted by Robyn Wilder on December 29, 2008 9:00 AM in Fun & Games| Robyn Wilder| Weird Stories| christmas
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Top 10 embarrassing childhood celebrity crushes

Merry Christmas! Happy Winterval! Joyeux Festivus! And so on.

So how's your day going? Were you half-cut at 11.30am? That new sweater a little itchy? Overdosed on snowballs and Aardman animations? Cabin fever setting in?

Well, peel yourself off the sofa and follow me on a journey through time and space, and beyond taste. We're well into my second week here on Dollymix, and I feel close enough now to share with you my top 10 embarrassing childhood celebrity crushes.

Just click on Michael Praed's beautiful face to start the gallery.

And if you're feeling a little bloated from all that turkey, don't worry. Just unbutton your fly! It's okay. No one on the internet can see.


michael praed in robin of sherwood.jpg
Fun & Games

Things to do in London when you're Christmas


This Christmas Day, why not disentangle yourself from the hideous purple tassled sweater your mother got you, rouse yourself from your turkey coma, leave your grandmother to her sherry and stream of almost-racist invective and do something more interesting instead?

Southwark Cyclists' Christmas Bike Ride starts at the Cutty Sark Gardens, meanders through central London and finishes on the Edgware Road for lunch. Or you could follow the footsteps of Dickens and Pepys on a Christmas Day walk.

And if that's all a bit too energetic for you, The Roxy Bar and Screen off Borough High Street is open for business and showing Christmas movies all day, and City Cruises are running a Christmas Day Lunch Cruise - a ride on the Thames plus a three-course meal, and, most importantly, an open bar.

Finally, if schadenfreude is your thing, pop along to the Peter Pan Cup Swimming Race to watch hardy types observe the tradition of flinging themselves into the Serpentine.

And apologies to Dollymixers who don't live in London. If it's any consolation I shall be in north London (where nothing is happening), inflicting food poisoning on my household by roasting my first ever turkey.

Mind you, that's their fault for putting an erstwhile vegetarian on kitchen duty at the meatiest time of the year.

Posted by Robyn Wilder on December 24, 2008 1:00 PM in Fun & Games| Holidays| Robyn Wilder| christmas
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Fun & Games

Are you a wise woman or a little donkey?

Happy Christmas Eve! But how much do you really know about the story of Christmas?

Was Joseph a carpenter, a roadie for The Carpenters, or a car painter?

Did the three wise men come from the east, the West End, or Orientar?

The brilliant 'Tis the Season quiz was put together by blogging superstar sisters Meg and Anna Pickard, and is something of a UK blog tradition.

So go and get yourself some eggnog, and joiiiin uuuuus.

There are no prizes except for that warm glowy feeling inside. Although if it starts to burn it's probably indigestion and you should get some Rennie down you quick smart...

Image courtesy of Unloveable's Flickr stream.

Posted by Robyn Wilder on December 24, 2008 1:00 PM in Fun & Games| Geekery| Robyn Wilder| Women Who Blog| christmas
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Christmas trees 2008 - daleks and DIY and sex offenders, oh my!

Biff Tannenbaum, Biff Tannenbaum, how lovely are your branches.

That's what we sang as children in rural Sussex, gathered round our (inevitably real) tree at Christmas time, our little country eyes full of dreams of hoops and sticks and hopes of a white Christmas so we could sled down the Downs on tea trays.

Normally I insist on a real Christmas tree, but this year The Boyfriend turned. Tired of of dragging a giant plant up the narrow stairs of our maisonette while I bark orders in the background, he initiated a standoff in a garden centre last weekend.

And now we have a fake tree. A white one.

I'm actually pretty pleased - because Minnesota animator Lindsey Testolin has used a white tree as her basis for this fantastic Dalek Christmas tree. She's accessoried it with what looks like a laundry basket, a whisk, a desk lamp, blue baubles and a serious amount of tinfoil.

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Posted by Robyn Wilder on December 22, 2008 12:30 PM in Robyn Wilder| Weird Stories| christmas
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In The News...

Sex, sneezing, incest and a good samaritan slapped with a lawsuit - it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Did you have a good weekend? Until Saturday I was feeling Christmassy as a jelly shoe. But then I bought £300 worth of alcohol and mince pies at Sainsbury's, and now suddenly I'm jolly and jingling.

I also, for the first time in weeks, engaged in that incredibly healing practice that is parking yourself in front of the television for hours on end armed with nothing but port and snacks. Amongst other things, I watched Apparitions, Mutiny on the Buses, and Single Santa Seeks Mrs Clause. I can report that it was gloriously, gloriously terrible, in all the right ways.

And now the news! Apparently there was some at the weekend...

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Posted by Robyn Wilder on December 22, 2008 8:00 AM in In The News...| Robyn Wilder| christmas
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