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Five ways to give to charity without spending money


At times like these, when the recession is hitting us all hard, giving to charity can occasionally feel like an expense we can't afford. But it's also a time when many other countries are struggling - either with natural disasters or political unrest.

But there are ways to give to charity without parting with your cash. Jorg & Olif recently put together a list of five ways you can be charitable without cash.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the tips:

  • Give your old car to charity with Giveacar. They'll pick your car up (even if it's ready for the scrapheap) and then give the money to your preferred charity.
  • Give the gift of sight with Vision Aid Overseas. Most opticians have boxes for you to pop your old glasses in, which will be donated to those who live in developing countries.
  • Click for charity with Every Click. It's a search engine where every click earns them a bit of money for charity.
  • Charitable shopping. Simple Fundraising is connected to your debit card, and means part of the money you spend in certain shops will go to charity.
  • Give blood. Blood banks often run low, and 30 minutes of your time can make a big difference to someone's life. The NHS organises blood donations in the UK.
Posted by Emma Cossey on February 24, 2011 9:08 AM in Charity
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Top 5

Top 5 charity ecard sites - for a greener, philanthropic Christmas

Ha ha ha. So you probably knew that Saturday 20th - tomorrow - is the last UK First Class posting date before Christmas.

Were you, like me, planning to do a rush job on your Christmas cards and fling them at a postbox sometime in the next 24 hours?

And did you, like me, not realise that today, 2,000 postal workers will close seven sorting offices as part of a postal strike?

Ha ha ha. Erm. Never mind! I have compiled a Top 5 charity ecard list!

So come with me over the jump and let's send our wishes of the season in a way that helps those less deserving than us, treats our planet with respect, and doesn't depend on the vagaries of the UK postal system....

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Posted by Robyn Wilder on December 19, 2008 8:00 AM in Charity| Cute stuff| Ethics| Robyn Wilder| Things to buy| Top 10| Top 5
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MORE Nudey charity calendarzzzzz: Ryanair, you are boring us....

ryanair.jpgRyanair have launched a gloriously retrograde 2009 charity calendar featuring cabin crew with not very many clothes on. Woo, AMAZING. And while it's not the first time the low budget airline have dragged their knuckles, it is all getting just a little bit yawnsome.

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Netballers get naked for charity calendarzzzz

trafalgarsquare.jpgObama schmobama. It's time to get back to the important stuff - like ladies using nudity as a promotional tool! Waheyyyyyy! So nutty! So daring! So brave.

Today's Sun reports that an entire netball team got naked at various London landmarks, all in the name of a charity calendar. One is starkers on the tube, though it's only a set-up, of course, because any real attempt at that would be both foolish and unhygienic. The Sun actually calls her a "brave babe", which is a little sickening, though they do get points for shamelessly using the phrase "mind the bap". That, readers, is lols.

Ironically, the team's name is Capital NUNS. What would the Pope say, etc etc

Should nakedness somehow connect to your charitable side, you can buy the calendar here.

Posted by Rebecca Nicholson on November 5, 2008 12:15 PM in Charity| In The News...| The Lipster
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Hot men, useful calendars - and it's for charity!

cancercalendar.jpgI know, brilliant. So here's the deal. First you need to download this little thing called Adobe Air. Then you donate a little something to Cancer Research UK. CRUK are coming to the end of their month-long campaign, and are offering donors this free 'Tommy' digital calendar, so you can get Tommy's torso every month of the year. But the neat thing, for those of us who sometimes need to look past male physical beauty for long enough to get our appointments sorted, is that this calendar can be used as a regular calendar on your desk top (as well as a 'breast check' reminder). Tommy is available for just £2 a month, and you can donate here. Small price really, by anyone's standards. And there's a video of the man himself helping with a breast exam (it's those boy scouts all over again) over the page!

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Fun & Games

Boyscouts help women with their breast exams

scouts.jpgGod, this is good, and a fun way - if you like - of addressing Breast Cancer month. The Onion does TV stuff now, as you'll probably know, and this is just one of their many brilliant video clips, (also being enjoyed by the awesome Daily Bedpost at the moment.) I won't say too much, it speaks for itself, really.

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Our bodies, ourselves

Picture Question: What's going on here?


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In The News...

Friday news: women and risk, serena's bikini, cheap coats, girls' brains, survivor stories, chocolate

serena.jpgThere's a fashionable theory knocking around that men are better at taking risks and that, as Alice Miles wrote in the New Stateman recently, a few more women around might've stymied the current finance crisis. Noorjehan Barmania disagrees: "Women can be highly aggressive risk-takers and are easily as bullish as men. The appetite for power seems to equalise the genders." Discuss?

Everyone's going on about the pictures of Serena Williams in her bikini... but am I the only one who thinks she looks amazing?

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In The News...

Wednesday news: Breast cancer wisdom, cross-dressing, friendships, tiny animals, CZJ

tiny1.jpgAmid all the showbiz coverage we've had for breast cancer awareness it's refreshing to find sound, sensible advice over at always-good

Meanwhile, also-great Daily Bedpost parries CNN's top 5 reasons to cross-dress with their own five worst reasons to do it.

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Dolly Poll: Ice cream from breast milk?

heathermills.jpgSo Heather Mills believes ice cream should be made from human breast milk. Well, Heather Mills believes a lot of things. Mills is getting behind PETA's slightly cartoonish campaign to persuade Ben & Jerry's to substitute cows' milk with human breast milk in their desserts. We can kind of see PETA's point, but really? Really?

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