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Beauty myths

Beauty ads: Are we being conned?

CherylCole.jpg One of my biggest bugbears at the moment (and I've ranted about it many a time on Twitter and other blogs) is beauty advertising. Or rather, beauty advertising small print. You know the kind, where a mascara promises amazing volume and length, but the small print tells you they're wearing lash inserts and the image is retouched 'post production.'


Now, I don't have a huge problem with a bit of light airbrushing, to get rid of the odd hair out of place or spot. But combine it with lash inserts and you're essentially dabbling in a spot of false advertising.

It's not just mascaras. Hair adverts are just as bad. Sure, my hair can look as thick and glossy as the model's....if I use hair extensions.

So, why are they allowed to continue doing this? It's not like there haven't been complaints about them, but the ASA clears the majority of them, because the small print makes it clear.

Thankfully, there are a few brands bucking the trend. Most notably is Make Up For Ever, who released an untouched ad earlier this month.

So, what's the future of advertising? Less airbrushing, more reality? Or will these cheeky tricks always happen?

Posted by Emma Cossey on March 30, 2011 11:46 AM in Beauty myths
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Beauty myths

Hair Straighteners: Are they making our hair more frizzy?

hairstyle.jpgHands up, who's a hair straightening addict?

*Raises hand*

I'm not quite as bad as I used to be, since big hair came back into fashion, but I'm more than aware than pulling some red hot irons against my hair is probably not the healthiest thing to do to my follicles. But it seems like hair straighteners are actually making our frizz problems worse.

Using heated appliances weakens the hair and dries it out, making it more frizzy and easy to break.

The advice given by hair professionals is to keep the temperature below 180 degrees, and try not to use them every day.

Are you a hair straightening addict?

Source: o5com

Posted by Emma Cossey on March 11, 2011 10:15 AM in Beauty myths
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Beauty myths

The average woman has a make up bag worth £256

makeup.jpgHow much have you spent on make up this year? £20? £100? £200? You might be surprised at how much your make up bag is currently worth. In fact, a recent survey by Debenhams suggests the average woman has £256 worth of make up.

That works out as around 13 products at £20 each. Plus there's always perfume, which can be pretty pricey. In fairness, Debenhams mainly stocks high end make up, so if their customers are likely to have a more expensive make up collection.

The scary thing is, this then makes your make up more expensive than a mobile phone or wallet. Yet most of us aren't covered if anything happens to it.

Image: [raquelreina]

How much do you think your make up bag is worth?

Posted by Emma Cossey on February 3, 2011 1:57 PM in Beauty myths
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Beauty myths

The wonderbra for men

See the rather gorgeous man above? Of course you have. But what you might not have noticed (and who can blame you) is the underwear he's wearing.

He's wearing 'wonderbra' pants.

The Shock Jock Flirt Boxer and Briefs are the brainchild of Andrew Christian. While they might look like a standard pair of pants, they're actually padded out to give the appearance of an extra two inches to a gentleman's manhood. The pants come with an in-built 'Active Shaping Technology Cup with authentic looking male features,' and claim to guard about any zip accidents.

It's not the first time Andrew Christian has ventured into the market of enhanced underwear. He's also got a style of underwear, the Flashback, which gives the wearer a 'bubble butt.'

They'll be available for purchase from Banglads (!) for £27.

What do you think? Love them or hate them?

Beauty myths

The Pangao Magic Massage Bra - a boy's perspective

Magic_Massage_Bra.jpgNow, there are a lot of odd bras on the market right now. On Dollymix we've brought you the man-hunting bra, and the squeezy cleavage-enhancing bra. We as ladies know that these are ridiculous. But, just to be sure, we asked a man. Here is Stuart Heritage from caustic gossip website Hecklerspray on the newest fad bra to grab us by the, er, attention.

Ladies, do me a favour and take a quick peek down your top. What do you see? That's right - you see a couple of badly-dredged breast glands slapping together like a couple of disgusting fish. It's disgusting. You're disgusting. No wonder you haven't even got a boyfriend.

If only there was a way that you could dredge your breast glands and look sexy in the process. What's that? There IS?

Apparently, yes. Follow me over the jump and let me introduce you to the Pangao Magic Massage Bra.

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Don't hate me because I'm beautiful: Modelfeed and Work That Wardrobe

elin.jpgQ: How many models does it take to write a blog?

A: Twenty-three.

At least it does for the 23 models at ModelFeed, "an international collaborative blog sharing the real lives of models as they do their thing".

ModelFeed's tagline is "not made up", and it's really not - models from all across the globe post photos, videos and text about their adventures, passions and food (yes, food!).

Very little of the Next Top Model-style snarking is evident here, although some models are a little more fond of themselves than others (but that's just as common amongst bloggers who aren't a million feet tall and fill a minus-value dress size).

Come over the jump to read more about about the blogger who's pledged to NOT buy any clothes for a full year....

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UnCoolio - Big Bigot on Big Brother?

I was overjoyed when I found out that Coolio was to be starring in this year's Celebrity Big Brother. Not that I'm a particularly big BB fan, but Coolio? Every night? On MY television?! cook-n-with-coolio-thumb.jpgYes please! I love Coolio, not least for Gangster's Paradise, but more for Cooking With Coolio, his cooking show on My Damn Channel. My favourite part of him being on Big Brother was when he indignantly shouted in the diary room "but I'm a chef! I have my own cookery programme!" when he wasn't allowed anything to do with the shopping list.

If any of you have ever seen Cooking With Coolio, you'll know that at one point he deep-fries a whole turkey, and his mark of a good dish is its tasting "better than yo momma's titties". He's no Heston Blumenthal.

However, my initial excitement quickly dissipated when I realised that Coolio is actually a bit of a twat. On entering the house, one of his quotes on the experience he was about to undertake was that he "hoped there were no ugly women".

This made me bristle instantly, because a) I always feel a bit uncomfortable when someone's cussing "ugly"/"fat"/whatever girls because I'm like "what? What? Have you just not realised I'm sat RIGHT HERE?!", and b) fucking get a grip Coolio, you're going into a house, getting paid shitloads, and it's only for three weeks, what difference is it going to make if the women are ugly or not?

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Posted by on January 21, 2009 9:25 AM in Beauty myths| Celebrities
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Beauty myths

Short film by Dove explores women's first impressions of each other

dollymixrobyn.jpgAt 2pm today will premiere their new short film, Intuition, which aims to broaden women's judgments of each other.

In the film, women are shown footage of other women they don't know, and are invited to comment. After making this film Dove commissioned research into women and the compliments they received:

  • 15% of women never receive comments about their appearance
  • 19% only rarely receive them
  • 6% of women only hear negative comments from their mothers
  • 92% of women admit they take comments they receive to heart

Check out the film over at the Dove website, which will be the latest in the Dove film series. There's already a brilliant one called Evolution showing how a perfectly pretty woman is made up and PhotoShopped to look "commercial ready".

In The News...

Monday news: new Who, Kate Moss pregnancy speculation, raising a family in the Gaza Strip, size 8 women 'have more sex'


Good morning from snowbound London (and by 'bound' I mean 'sprinkled'). Here is THE NEWS....

Never mind all that war and economic crap, we've got a new Timelord!

This weekend Doctor Who Confidential revealed (in an unnecessarily agonising and drawn-out process) that David Tennant will regenerate into Matt Smith, a relatively unknown actor who is, at 26, the youngest ever actor to take on the challenge.

According to Matthew Sweet (cultural commentator and broadcaster), Matt Smith also "looks like someone who could have been in Duran Duran":

"Matt Smith has got a fascinating face. It's long and bony, with a commanding jaw... I suspect he might be a more sensual character than David Tennant, who had no kind of dangerous sexuality about him. There's something Byronic about Matt Smith - he's got the lips for it."

Jeez, get a room already.

Follow us over the jump for more NEWS...

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Beauty myths

STOP THE MADNESS: DIY cosmetic surgery, Korean-style

cooking-oil.jpgUsually when we are in need of a little news-shaped lift, the Offbeat section of the internet is a good place to start. Amusing little stories about skateboarding cats, dogs what found their way back to their owners, alarming bits of humans found in soup tins. But today, there's something simply terrifying in the usually tweedy and thoroughly well-behaved Telegraph. It's a story about a plastic-surgery addicted woman, who injected cooking oil into her face.

Let's just let that sentence hang there for a second, shall we, readers?





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Posted by on November 11, 2008 2:31 PM in Beauty myths| Ethics| The Lipster
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