Do you ever find yourself longing for a long discontinued product that you can no longer buy anywhere in the UK? It's happened to us a few times recently, so I asked the Dollymixers what they would most like to bring back...if it worked for Wispa, could it work for these?

cadburys-secret.pngCadbury's Secret Bar

The gooey, mousse-filled bar with a 'nest' of milk chocolate was probably deemed to sickly sweet for most consumers, but I certainly managed to 'consume' enough of these in the sixth form common room! There was something ever so light and uplifting about eating one of those bars, and I still get cravings for them! A wallnut whip just doesn't quite hit the spot. Last seen: late 1990s

John Frieda Beach Blonde

John Frieda's Beach Blonde range of haircare products was a popular range with some innovative products for many years until it disappeared around 2005. Many still bemoan the loss of Cool Dip shampoo and Smooth Seas Conditioner, which actually lightened hair as it was used - a bit like a 'posh Sun-In'. There was also a sea salt spray that was the first of its kind.

A quick browse through beauty and shopping forums shows that the products are sorely missed, and there's even a petition to bring them back. If you're really desperate you can buy an opened bottle of Beach Blonde on eBay, but you'd have to save it for special occasions only if you wanted it to last! Last Seen: early 2007 in some stores.

Cheese Nik Nacks

Nik Naks are synonymous with school days for anyone who was a kid in the last 20-odd years, when it seems we couldn't get enough of the chemically-flavoured corn snacks. During the 90s, makers of the snack started to become concerned about how 'smelly' some of their flavours were, and they started to tinker with the original formulas. This resulted in the loss of Scampi & lemon, and later a hard cheese flavour that is now sorely missed. I think they mis-judged their audience there: kids love stuff that stinks!

But all may not be lost if you were a huge fan of the stinky snack: in 2011, a petition resulted in the return of Nik Naks' Scampi & lemon flavour, which had been discontinued in 2008.Last smelled: some time in the early 2000s.

Flipz White fudge pretzels

Apparently, the UK market hasn't quite got a taste for the salty-sweet combination of chocolate pretzels yet, so they took away one of the best brands that offered several different flavours: Flipz! Pretzel Flipz were a US import we loved, but sadly not enough to make it worth their while sticking around.

If you've got a real taste for the choccy-covered snacks you can still buy Flipz at Cyber Candy and other specialist sweet shops, but at a much higher cost than they originally fetched in supermarkets. Availability is also limited. Try M&S for a chocolate coated pretzel you can bag in your lunch hour. Last Seen: circa 2008.

...and a few we were glad to see the back of

Google Wave - We all had membership, but we're still not sure what it did
Tab clear - Coca cola but the wrong colour. Pointless!

Which products do you wish they'd bring back from the dead?