fat-or-fiction.pngUntil now, the nutrition information tables on our favourite foods were things of torment: there in stark black and white text to remind us not to enjoy that chocolate bar or ready meal too much, because even a half serving of it has more fat than we should really be considering putting in our bodies.

Now, thanks to the rise of infographics, that information can be presented in a much more friendly and playful way, and we're absolutely loving the Fat or Fiction site, whose motto is "breaking down nutritional information bite by bite". The information is playfully presented in a way that's clear, simple to understand - and above all - mouth-wateringly tempting.

The site's message, if it has one, seems to be one of 'here's the info, do with it what you will' rather than any more prescriptive agenda. Both sides of the culinary coin are explored here: yes, this food has a lot of calories. But it has fewer than this one you might like just the same, and isn't it worth it when it looks this beautiful? It's entirely up to the viewer to decide. Fact fans, meanwhile, will just love the elegant simplicity of the presentation of the data.

Check out the full site here.