instagram_for_android.pngGot an Android phone? Sick of those irritating iPhone bores who like to tell you how amazing their toy is because it lets them take oldy-worldy images of sunsets? Now is your chance to get your own back, as the last bastion of Apple's smartphone supremacy has been lifted: Instagram has launched on the new Google Play marketplace. Put that in your sepia-tinted steampunk pipe and smoke it!

Or to put it in slightly less cynical tones, this popular photography app, already loved by over 2 million users worldwide, has today been brought to an even wider audience thanks to the launch of a new version that's suitable for Android phones. It's free to download and currently has an overall customer rating of 4.4 out of 5: since I started to write this post the number of downloads had doubled in number to just over 2000.

For newbies, Instagram is a photo tool that serves two main purposes: first, it contains a library of filters and borders that can be customised to give photo images a particular look and feel, most notably the retro-style sepias that has made the app such a hit with the vintage crowd. Secondly, it grants users access to a community of Instagram users, who share photos and give feedback on each others' compositions.

If you want to download the new Instagram app you'll need to be running at least version 2.2 ("Froyo") on your Android phone for it to work.

I make it roughly an hour till sunset so let's get those camera-phones at the ready!