benedict-cumberbatch.jpgSherlock Star Benedict Cumberbatch is to make internet history when he appears in the first TV advertisement to be made by Google this weekend. The global mega-corp - which has thus far survived as an exclusively online entity - will air its first UK ad tomorrow in a prime-time slot during Britain's Got Talent.

The ad follows a fictional character called 'Tom' through his rather perfect-looking life, which he documents on his Google Plus page. Cumberbatch's role in the commercial was to read 'The Seven Ages of Man', from 'As You Like It' by William Shakespeare.

Google's decision to advertise on TV is an interesting step in the war of the various social media platforms, and it comes in a week when both Friends Reunited and MySpace have been appearing in the press a lot as they attempt to stage come-backs. As a big user of all the major social networks I think we're living in particularly interesting times right now, as there is no completely predominant site: for a while Facebook held the crown, but our habits are certainly changing, albeit slowly.

[News via Campaign Live]