A Street Cat named Bob: Ginger Tom steals London's heart

a_street_cat_named_bob.jpgA familiar sight on London's streets for over five years, busker James Bowen and his trusty feline companion Bob have become the biggest celebrity couple in town this week - and for very good reason: James has written an incredible book about his experiences on the streets of London, which tells how dramatically his life was transformed when Bob appeared on the scene. It's an uplifting and moving story that even those who do not consider themselves 'cat people' will enjoy - and it's currently storming up the Amazon chart.

James, who had previously been homeless for many years, was living in sheltered housing in Tottenham when he found an injured ginger Tom curled up in his hallway. After making extensive enquiries, James concluded that the cat was himself homeless and took responsibility for nursing him back to health, getting him neutered and feeding him - despite living hand-to-mouth on whatever he could earn through daily busking stints in Covent Garden. In the book A Street Cat Named Bob, James recalls how he spent a day's wages on getting Bob checked over by a vet.


Once Bob had been given a clean bill of health, James assumed this apparently feral Tomcat would want to return to the urban jungle, but Bob had other ideas: refusing to leave James' side, he set up residence in his flat and eventually became so attached to his new owner that he began following him into work: unlike other cats, Bob seemed quite comfortable travelling on public transport and being led around town on a leash - he seemed to be happy as long as he stayed by James' side.

Bob soon became a regular fixture at James' busking spots; curling up in his guitar case when he wanted to take a nap, and consorting with customers when he felt like being sociable. As you'd expect, James suddenly found he was becoming far more popular among the general public, as both cat and owner became local celebrities. The release of the book has now established the duo as even bigger stars, and we sincerely hope that all the love for their uplifting story will only grow from here.

I read this book in two days flat and could not recommend it more highly.

Head over to Amazon to buy your copy of A Street Cat Named Bob from £9.74

Check out this YouTube video of James and Bob in action:

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