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take-me-out.jpgSaturday nights have always been a time for great entertainment, from the likes of Blind Date to The X Factor - and we're not sure what we'd do without it. Thankfully, there's now another cringe-fest show to make staying in at the weekend that little more bearable: Take Me Out.

Creator of the phrase 'no likey, no lighty', Take Me Out is a dating show in which various men attempt to impress the thirty single women in order to win a date with one of them. Hosted by king of one-liners Paddy McGuinness, the girls are told 'If you're turned off, turn off' as they show their interest in the man by leaving their white lights on.

Take Me Out is so full of awkward moments that viewers might well spend the entire show with their heads in their hands. There's the anticipation (which often leads to mortification) as the single guy comes down the 'love lift' to his chosen song; whether it's lack of taste in music or lack of rhythm as they dance their way down, it's definitely a deal-breaker. Then there's the round in which a video of their friend/mum/soon to be ex-friend pops up to reveal some fun facts about the poor sod. And let's not get started on the part where they get to show off a skill - one of the latest men 'milked' a fake cow. Enough said...

But while the men make fools of themselves in the hope of leaving with a lady to take to the 'Isle of Fernandos' (aka Tenerife or Cyprus, depending on the series), the women don't exactly come off well either. As Paddy interrogates them in between rounds to find out why they have or haven't left their lights on, the big-haired, false-lashes-wearing glammed-up girls rarely have anything insightful to say and provide more cringes than anything else in the show. There's always a girl who talks too much (she rarely gets the guy, but gets the most airtime) and there's always one who says something so stupid it hurts, such as one who praised a man's hobby for clay pigeon shooting because she hates pigeons. Sigh.

So why do we love it? Because this kind of embarrassingly desperate dating is hilarious. No matter how slick they think they are, the men's true colours always come out - as we saw from the nail-bitingly bad case of Damien the other week, who managed to insult every woman in the studio - while the girls come across so badly that you can really understand why they're single in the first place. Sorry ladies.

And then there's the dates, because who wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall for a dating disaster? The Isle of Fernandos has witnessed arguments, silence and even romance (occasionally, the show actually works!) - and of course yet more classic quotes such as this week's 'She's more of a banana, and I'm a bit of an orange'. What's not to love? Our lights remain firmly on...

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