take-me-out-quotes.pngSingle men everywhere can take comfort today knowing that if they really want a romantic encounter to remember, they can always apply to appear on Take Me Out. How could public humiliation in front of the nation's TV viewers, catty remarks from a team of highly-trained female character assassins and the cheesy retorts of today's most sleazy gameshow host fail to banish your Valentine's blues?

Here, to get you in the spirit of the speed dating show from hell, we've collected together a few prize quotes from Paddy to share on this most romantic of days.

Our Favourite Paddy Catchphrases

Let the whoopee see the cushion

Will our farmer boy harvest a honey?

Let the pineapple see the chunk (that one just scraped in for being so weird)

Let the bubble see the squeak

Let the belly see the button

Let the chimmi see the changa

No likey no lighty

Let the hanky see the panky

Let the bubble see the bath

Let the burger see the buns

Let the banana see the split

Let the toad see the hole

Let the treasure see the chest

Let the hokey see the pokey

Let the nut see the cracker

Let the blueberry see the muffin

Let the tutti see the fruitti

Let the lolly see the pop

Can you do better than Paddy and come up with a Paddyism of your own?