olivia-colman.jpgFans of UK sitcoms Peep Show and Rev were a little surprised to see that actress Olivia Colman was trending on Twitter this morning, along with the usual Justin Biebers and Lady Gagas of the online world. However, the surprise soon turned to dismay when it emerged that Colman (incorrectly spelled 'Coleman' on the social network) was being talked about because she appears to have been snubbed by BAFTA this year.

One tweet read:

@edibow: Just gone through Bafta list. Appalled Olivia Coleman isn't nominated. C'mon fellow jurors.

soon followed by several others, to the tune of:

@AndrewCollins: It's a shame that Olivia Colman is trending but misspelled as Olivia Coleman. Who knew JusTinNN BIEBIXBier fans cared about British cinema

Here at Dollymix we agree that it is, without a doubt, a terrible shame that Colman has not been nominated, not least because this has been such a pivotal year in the 37-year-old's career. Starring as Carol Thatcher in The Iron Lady and giving a great performance as Hannah in Brit flick Tyrannosaur, 2011 secured her transition from sitcom stalwart to serious film actress.

Colman is an actress with tremendous scope, having excelled at radio, TV and film and we think it's time she got a bit more recognition. Who could forget her portrayal of flawed but ultimately very lovable Sophie in Peep Show, or her very different depiction of ballsy Alex Smallbone in Rev? We'll certainly be rooting for her in next year's awards.