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period-tracker-app.jpgWe've all been there: setting off for an important visit, holiday or meeting, a familiar twinge reminds us that we've completely lost track of our monthly cycle's whims, and a mad panic to find sanitary protection ensues. Even those who are regular as clockwork or take the pill to regulate their periods can forget when the next one is due.

If that sort of scenario sounds familiar, technology can come to the rescue with a handy bit of software that tracks your cycles and emails you when 'Aunt Flo' is due to pay you a visit. There are several such free programs available on the interwebs, but one of the best is Monthlyinfo, which uses a basic algorithm to predict the length of your cycle based on the data you give it: all you need do is 'clock in' on the days when your period starts, and the program figures out the rest. This means it can be relatively accurate in predicting your next period even if you're quite irregular.

The tool is also a useful indicator of fertile days for those trying to conceive, and can be a great early warning system if you suffer from PMS! But if you want to be a bit more discreet in your menstrual monitoring, you may want to use your smarphone to track your periods instead. There are quite a few Android period tracker apps to download, and plenty more available on iTunes too.

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