With so-bad-it's-good The Only Way Is Essex coming to the end of its second series, a gap is left for another reality show to keep us addicted throughout the summer. Luckily, we've got three to choose from!

  • Geordie Shores - MTV brings its popular Jersey Shore format to the UK, from May 24th. The series will follow a group of socialites in Newcastle upon Tyne, and I've got no doubt they'll play up to stereotype if they take a leaf out of TOWIE's book.
  • Made in Chelsea - E4's offering is a posh take on TOWIE, full of super-rich kids, fast cars and lots and lots of designer clothing. It kicks off on May 9th at 9pm, and I'll definitely be watching this one. If only because one of the characters is called Binky. That's right, Binky.
  • Big Brother - Wait, stick with me! Big Brother is migrating over to Five, and kicking off the new season with a celebrity special in the summer. And it might include Charlie Sheen. For that reason alone, I'll be tuning in. 
Which reality show will you be tuning into this year?