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I'm a huge fan of Quidco. In my mind, it's essentially an opportunity to get paid to shop. So I was very excited to get the opportunity to try out their new iPhone app.

If you haven't heard of the site before, it's a cashback site where you can click through to hundreds of your favourite shops and earn a little money back every time you shop. So for example you can login to Quidco, search for New Look (who offer 8% cashback at the moment), click through to the site and shop as usual. You'll then earn 8% cashback on anything you buy from them. It's not just online shopping either - add your debit/credit card details and you can earn cashback in stores like Debenhams.

So what does the app do?

The addition of an iPhone app means you can now earn cashback just by walking into a store. Start up the free app when you're in a high street, and it'll give you a list of places near by that offer cashback, special deals and 'Checkin Rewards'.

The Checkin Rewards are particularly interesting. You can 'check in' to a store and earn a small amount, around 10-25p, each time. It might not seem a lot, but that can build up over time (plus it's in addition to the usual cashback and exclusive special offers).

Overall, the app is a one-stop-shop for saving and making money on your purchases. There's also a social media element, so if you find an amazing deal for those shoes, you can tweet it or post it on Facebook. Can you tell I'm a little bit enthusiastic about it?

Head over to iTunes now and download it for free!