We love a good debate here at Dollymix. Anything from celeb culture and gossip to news pieces and research gets dissected.

So, we've decided to make a weekly feature of it.

Kate and I will debate a topic every week, then open it up for you in the comments section to discuss. This week, we're kicking off with the age-old debate - which is better, city living or country life?

Kate loves City Living
City living. Gloriously exhilarating city living. So what if we're not able to take a deep breath without inhaling a nose-full of exhaust fumes? The scent of our exhaust fumes trumps the scent of their eu de cow manure any day of the week.

Work hard play hard is the mantra of city living, and boy do we revel in it. The city is where you get every shop you wish to spend your coffers on, every club you wish to lose your dignity in, and every restaurant you want to gorge your puffy little face on. You see, we're never far from expenditure, meaning boredom is seldom a sufferance. Sure, you could argue that as a result we fritter all of our hard-earned (cough) monies on needless luxuries, but isn't that what overdrafts are for?

As if the above wasn't a winning enough argument for why city life rules all, I have two words for you to ponder: People Watching. A pass time that is afforded only to those of us in urban areas, those poor country folk are deprived of this most satisfying of activities. Where is that man going with that conspicuous looking bag? What are those two girls talking about as they head towards that bar at this hour of the day? The possibilities are endless.

To summarise my point, dear friends, take note from Lily Allen, who chirps of the joys of city life in the track, LDN: 'Sun is in the sky, oh why oh why would I wanna be anywhere else?' Good point, Lily. Why would you want to be anywhere else? I'll tell you why. You wouldn't.

Emma loves Country Life
I like London. I visit it once or twice a week. I love the shops. There's always something fun and buzzy going on there. And some of my favourite people reside there.

But I could never live there.

Living in the country is all about freedom. The freedom to walk your dog in the country and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. The freedom to drive around with the windows down and the music up, without getting stuck with a congestion charge. The freedom of buying a two bedroom house rather than a shoebox.

Plus, we have country pubs. Country pubs are ace. You can take your dog (who trots in, rather than arrives in your handbag) and enjoy a big plate of steak and chips for a tenner, rather than a tiny plate of itsy bitsy food for £30.

And Lily Allen? She's recently moved to the country to settle down and raise a family. Which goes to show that even the biggest party girls eventually fall in love with the gentle ways of the country.

So, over to you! Are you a city girl or a country gal?