Eva HerzigovaA 90's advertisement by Wonderbra has been voted as the most iconic outdoor advert of all time.

The iconic 1994 ad, featuring model Eva Herzigova checking out her naturally enhanced cleavage, has been awarded the title of the most iconic advert ever in a public vote by Outdoor Media Centre, the trade body for outdoor advertising.

Back in the day, when the ad was first released, it was accused of literally stopping traffic, thanks to the power of Eva's...ermm...message.

Part of Wonderbra's 'Hello Boys' campaign, the advertisements are glaringly contrasted to those which came as runners up in the poll. The Conservative Party's 'Labour isn't working' campaign, and the 'Your Country Needs You' army recruitment poster, which featured Lord Kitchener nearly a century ago, came second and third respectively in the vote.

Do you think the Wonderbra ad deserved to come in first? Can you think of another advert which you'd like to have seen reach top spot?