fbdb09e536f6134830d96451f79ef1ba.jpgTweetingTooHard.com aggregates messages that other Twitter users have voted too self-important, such as "Im already prettier than everyone here" and "my hotness is wasted in an office w/no hot women".

But king of the narcissistic snippet is one Arthur Kade, whose Tweets have the nerdy, self-aggrandising quality of someone touching-typing blindly as they stare helplessly into the mirror, captured by the awesomeness of their own reflection.

On the possibility of meeting Justin Timberlake he says "He's probably a fan", and claims to live "an amazing lifestyle of success, travel,partying & hot girls."

But who is Arthur Kade? What moves hundreds of commenters on his site to threaten to "chop him up with an axe and shoot him into outer space"? Is he even real?

And how would you score on the Kade Scale of hot women?

Follow us over the jump to find out.

"I get emails everyday about how inspiring "The Journey" is from all over the world, and how amazing I look and act," says Arthur Kade, the 30 year-old Philadelphian who uses his blog and Twitter feed to record "the emotional and spiritual journey" of becoming the world's greatest actor and model (he used to be a financial planner).

"My niche will be the dark, mysterious, anti-hero when I make it to starring in mainstream movies, and I believe that I will one day win an Oscar playing this type of character", he predicts.

And it's his special sort of self-love and apparent arrogance - rather than any acting or modelling success - that has led publications like Gawker, the Philly mag and Jezebel to declare him "the most despised man on the internet", ramping up his site traffic with what Kade calls his "haters".

He has had some screen success, though - he even got to stand near Angelina Jolie, about whom he opined:

"She was probably only 5'6", and fragile thin. I thought she was wearing a ton of make-up, and felt like she may look a bit older than what she is. She is definitely unique looking, but I feel like I have dated much hotter women than her, and outside of some special features that she has (eyes, cheekbones, and lips), I couldn't really say that she would stick out for me if I saw her at a hot club like 1Oak or Rosebar. She almost appears "mother hot", rather than "stripper hot", and I would probably rate her an 8.5-9 on my looks scale."

Oh yes, and then there's the Kade Scale of female attractiveness, with which "You may or may not agree, but I have been at the top, and can tell you that I am experienced enough to understand the best from just OK. Women also will rate other women differently than men, because women tend to like classical beauty, rather than a combination of great looks and sex appeal".

On the Kade Scale, 10s (the cream of the crop) include Megan Fox and Catherine Zeta Jones, while Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman loiter among the 9s, Kate Beckinsale and Cameron Diaz only rate 8 and 7 respectively, and the 6 and unders? "Not even friend or date worthy."

So! Is he real, or a very clever viral marketing campaign? Well, Dan P. Lee at the Philly Mag spent an evening with him, and one "hater" on Kade's site spotted him in a coffee shop, wearing his "his wittle baby backpack".

And who is Arthur Kade to pass judgment so harshly on the ladies jostling for his attention at one of the "hot clubs" he frequents? Well, here's a video. In which I think he actually seems rather sweet. Until the "prove to me you're my biggest fan" nonsense kicks in.

See what you think: