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Oh, ASDA. If you were a living breathing person, I'd run up to you and plant a wet sloppy kiss on your lips right now. The Supermarket/clothing retailer has announced today that its George fashion range will be launching a range of budget jeans in "odd" sizes for all of those women (such as myself) whose bodies are "a bit wonky" and don't have the cold hard cash to be paying for designer jeans which have waist sizes in inches. The jeans come in sizes 11, 13 and 15.

I have always always always struggled with jeans, much as I love the pesky things. For some reason, no matter how well they fit me around the waist, and how tightly I fasten my belt, they always slip down throughout the course of the day, to the point where I end up flashing my belly and a worrying amount of arse cleavage every time I run for the bus. Whilst I'd like to spend my days wandering around looking dainty in vintage print dresses, twinsets and cardigans, alas, that's not so practical. Thankfully it appears as though I'm not alone either. According to a survey conducted by ASDA, two-thirds of women need jeans that are actually a size 15.

Ok, ok. So admitting to buying your clothes from a supermarket isn't the best course of action if you're attempting to cut a dash in the fashion world. But surely it has to be better than inadvertantly flashing your knickers at the general public because those expensive jeans you bought don't fit you properly again?

What do you think? Does your denim fit you like a second skin? Would you ever admit to buying jeans from ASDA? Let us know in the comments!