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Top 5 blogs - 2008 in review

I wish I had the presence of mind to write decent, timely end-of-year review blog posts.

But I don't.

Somehow, despite my best intentions, December is a very solipsistic month where I'm constantly rushing to catch up with social events, gift-buying, and errant scraps of wrapping paper.

The closest I come to annual hindsight during December is the feverish counting up of my remaining days of leave.

This year I managed a vague letter to 2008, but the authors of the blogs I regularly read have examined the past year with far keener eyes and much better penmanship.

So please allow me to share with you my personal top 5 blogs reviewing 2008.

These are they...


1. Author Neil Gaiman is one of those celebrities who, like Stephen Fry, Nick Hornby and Graham Linehan, has embraced blog culture (also, his Graveyard Book, which I received for Christmas, is very good). Gaiman's post on 2008 is more a haphazard collection of thoughts than a solid review, but very charming nonetheless:

"The biggest and the best news of the day is that Terry Pratchett is now Sir Terrence of Pratchett. Hurrah. I shall doff my cap the next time I see him. It will be the best-doffed cap in the land. I shall buy a cap first, specially."


2. UK blogger Stu at Feeling Listless always lays on a grand feast of end-of-year reviews. This year's smorgasboard includes open letters to 2008, George Lucas, the BBC and, brain-twistingly, himself. He also looks at the year in film, and sees how many of his 2008 predictions have come true.


3. David Mitchell in The Guardian (no, not that one). He's not strictly a blogger, and this isn't strictly a review of 2008 - it's fictitious review of fatuous events that may or may not occur in 2009 ("Richard Dawkins gets stigmata"). But it's funny, so I'm counting it:

"Yes, in many ways, this year has meant the End of Innocence, if by "innocence" you mean the ITV1 prime-time courtroom drama starring Ross Kemp as a human rights lawyer who's travelled back from the future and Graham Norton as the voice of his robot. As we all remember, the troubled network dumped the last two episodes to the middle of the night and replaced it with exclusive footage of Michael Jackson's autopsy. Fascinating viewing."


4. Darren at LinkMachineGo has been faithfully photographing Evening Standard headlines through the year. His brilliant Flickr set showcases them.


5. The Lipster offers another smorgasboard of 2008 best bits parts one and two; the indie year; even more best bits; yet more and more still. Phew.

I'm sorry there aren't more posts by female bloggers - all the ones I follow have been sensibly on hiatus over the festive period. Is it a male/female thing, do you think? That we women run around organising Christmas etc., while the menfolk catalogue their geeky obsessions month by month?

I mean, this is how previously bigged-up favourite Kate Beaton spent her Christmas:


And I didn't even get to mention the xkcd Christmas special.

So that's my top 5 blog posts reviewing 2008. What are yours?

Flickr Images courtesy of LinkMachineGo, jutta and 10 Ninjas Steve.

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Posted by Robyn Wilder on January 5, 2009


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