Stone me, it's the eBay Virginity Wars!


Feels like a few years ago everyone could literally not get enough of eBay, just as journalists couldn't (apparently) get enough of those 'College girl sells virginity for $4.5bn..' or 'Man sells entire life...' stories. I always wondered if eBay's PR put them out, but I sincerely doubt it given the intensely disturbing personalities normally in the background of those stories.

Firstly, for every winner there are hundreds of thousands of unsuccessful bidders who might decide to take matters into their own hands (literally or metaphorically - either way it's dark times.) Secondly, surely you'd sooner make like Sarah Beenie and get on before you'd actually sell your virginity? Rosie Reid, eBay virgin from back in '04, definitely wishes the Beenie had been on the case back then, I bet. Better still, hi, you're at college in America. Haven't you *seen* Animal House?

s.JPGInstead of entrusting her cherry to anonymous bidders, perhaps she could have bid on this handy implement, at real-life eBay for posh people - Bonhams.

With the recession taking a firm, unrelenting stranglehold (if you believe the Metro and are not good at just.. not buying as much stuff) it seems auctions, both online and off, are coming somewhat back into fashion. And you wouldn't need to sell your virginity if you were, God willing, the winning bidder on this fantastic piece of history. For sale at the Bonhams Gentleman's Library, you'll be delighted to know that the lot, described as "Stone Phallus and Similar Disc" both come with metal stands. Its vintage was described by specialists as 'old.' It is probably more hygienic than any number of excited 'Buy-it-Now' salivating dudes, or at least someone definitely thought so - the lot description ends - 'Sold for £360 inclusive of Buyer's Premium.'

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December 30th, 2010, at 6:45am

To mention that I did the magnifier effect with a shader initially which looked way cooler but had to take it out because of space... :(

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