Over 80,000 Facebook users protested after the site banned certain photographs depicting breastfeeding.

The protesters signed an online petition, staged an online "nurse-in" and held a small demonstration outside Facebook HQ in California.

Facebook claims it was just following its policy to ban sexually explicit material (EG
photos showing exposed breasts with nipples).

So it's really an anti-nipple thing rather than an anti-breastfeeding thing, which I can understand.

I wouldn't particularly like to log in to be confronted by a page of nipples - there are plenty of other sites I can visit for that. But then nipples aren't nearly so offensive as constant super-pokes from people I haven't seen since primary school, so you know. Swings and roundabouts. I reckon Facebook should go easy on the lactivists.

What do you think?

Follow me over the jump to find out why males are on the decline...

As Feargal Sharkey never sang, a good man these days is hard to find. Especially now they're all women. Sort of.

Yes, it seems testosterone is on the decline in vertebrate animals (including humans), thanks to various pollutants in the environment - from female hormones in contraceptive pills in the waste we flush away, to the "feminising" endocrine disrupters in badly regulated chemicals found in in food wrapping, baby powder and comestics.

The more depressing news is that the EU is trying to ban pesticides with endrocrine-disrupting pesticides, but guess who's standing in the way?

Yup. Britain.