Amy Winehouse goes booze-begging in style thanks to Sterling Familia

By Louise Orcheston-Findlay

winehouse_pendant.jpgAnother day, another picture of Amy Winehouse winds up in the pages of The Sun. You really would have thought the papers might be a bit bored of Amy stories by now. I think we all are. This time she has been spotted 'begging' for booze at a hotel resort after staff refused to serve her.

Although Amy constantly gets herself in these scrapes you can't deny her her fashion creds. Anchors, polka dots, cropped jeans.... In my opinion, and I know some may not agree, her fashion sense is great. It can only be described as nu-housewife/pin-up grunge. Brilliant!

I managed to track down a great necklace she was seen wearing the other day to the designers Sterling Familia. Since finding them I have bought about 5 pieces! All sterling silver and ranging between £15-£45. Their trademark charm is a pair of crossed meat cleavers which I am told will soon be put on T-shirts. I can't wait!

I would thoroughly recommend Sterling Familia, the site is full of anchors, swallows, horseshoes and more for both boys and girls.

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