A tip off from the Cheeky Girls leads us to the Chocolate Hotel

By Louise Orcheston-Findlay

chocolate hotel.gifMy first Dollymix post comes from Who's Jack headquarters and what better way to start off my week's stay than a little look at chocolate?

Who doesn't love chocolate? I have just returned from a weekend's stay at the Chocolate Hotel in Bournemouth. The weather was questionable, what with full gale force gusts and airborne sea water turning me and my partner into drowned rats.

The Chocolate Hotel is the headquarters of Jerry, self proclaimed entrepreneur. His exploits include stripper party buses for stag parties, a bar that has a cocktail jukebox (one of only two in the world), chocolate workshops and of course the Chocolate Hotel. Jerry travels all over the country with his chocolate workshops and has the largest chocolate fountain in the country! So large in fact, is his Chocolate fountain that it had pride of place at Jordan's (or Katie Price? never sure about that one) wedding and made the Cheeky Girls very happy at their private party not too long ago.

We stayed in what can only be described one large truffle, sumptuous brown walls, velvet and silk wall paper and black chandeliers. A rather good idea for a Valentine's get away, if you ask me. You can even have chocolate fountains brought up to your room! Romantic walks down to the seaside for fish and chips (weather permitting), then return to have hot chocolate and your very own chocolate-making lesson.

You know what, on second thoughts, don't go down with a loved one, go down with a whole bunch of mates, stuff your face with oh-so-naughty self-made chocolates and eye up the surfers that seem to be out regardless of gale force winds and torrential rain!

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January 13th, 2009, at 8:52pm

The chocolate hotel sounds amazing! I've just been drooling over their website. Did you make a chocolate self-portrait?

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