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Wednesday news: boo to 999 timewaster Linda Lusardi, save the tomboys

Cor, women drivers, eh?

I have a head/desk moment whenever I hear of women living up to the stereotype (even the good ones, like multitasking, but that could just be because I can't multitask. I can barely unitask), but this has to take the biscuit.

Actress Linda Lusardi called 999 from her car. Why? Because she was stuck in traffic on the motorway and wanted to know if she could go onto the hard shoulder so that she wouldn't be late for her pantomime.

Do it with me. Come on. Head. Desk.

But come over the jump for more worrying news about the phasing-out of tomboys in modern children's entertainment.

Stephanie Theobold celebrates her inner tomboy in The Guardian, which is adorable:

"By the age of seven I'd written my autobiography stating that I would never get married, but that if I did I would wear trousers, so if anyone came to attack during the service, "I will be able to fight them off.""

But she also discovers an apparent plot to do away with tomboys in today's children's telly:

"Take Disney's revamped Famous Five cartoon, Famous 5: On the Case. Jo, the daughter of George, seems forced to wear figure-hugging girl versions of boy clothes (no tomboy worth her salt would ever wear figure-hugging clothes). And what of poor Dora the Explorer? Nickelodeon recently redesigned the Dora doll to make her more "feminine" (read "profitable"). Instead of being equipped with tools, map and backpack, her new accessories include halter-tops, tiaras and glittery hairbrushes."

Now, I don't know any children (except really young ones, who can only say "Tom" and "boy" as separate words), so I can't attest to this. Do you know any kids? Are you aware of this feminising of tomboy characters?

Personally I think it would be a travesty. I'd hate to think that I was one of the last little girls who thought my evolution would be: baby, little girl, lady, boy, daddy.

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Posted by Robyn Wilder on December 31, 2008


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