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Tuesday news: Skinny models, ladies in red, feminist smurfs, SAS romance

thinmodel.jpgModels have got thinner in the last few years, despite the pledges made by the industry in 2006 after two girls died from eating disorders. Who's to blame? The designers say the agencies, and the agencies say the designers...

New studies suggest that men prefer women in red without even realising that's what they like about her. Out on a date, guys will spend twice as much on a lady in red than they would if she was wearing any other colour. And it's in fashion!

50 years of the Smurfs this week, and it turns out there was a feminist message in their decision to only make ONE of them female. "The series wasn't just about sweet looking elves... Pierre Culliford wanted it to highlight things like racism and promote tolerance. The fact there was only one female Smurf in the village was used as a way to highlight and promote discussion about women's role in society and sexism." OK...

Chris Ryan, that SAS hard-man to rival Andy McNab, has written a romance novel. As a woman. Called Molly Jackson. Didn't come easy though: Ryan said: "It took me two years to get it right." Which was evidently rather painful. "I won't be doing it again. If it taught me something, it was don't go out of your comfort zone, so I think I'll stick to writing about what I know."

Posted by on October 28, 2008

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