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Thursday news: Sex and the City, hockey moms, crafty balloons, enhanced sex, office space

satc2.jpgThe Sex and the City movie is the fastest selling DVD of the year having flogged more than 920,000 copies IN THE FIRST WEEK. I have it, with extras! Stand by for Dollymix review next week.

Lots of motherhood/pregnancy related content in The Guardian at the moment, here's one about being a real-life soccer mom that I enjoyed.

Seems every time I check out Crafty Crafty they've got something awesome up. Check out these instructions for how to make spider web balloons!

Cialis might save your sex life, but what does it do to your love life? interesting story here in The Times. Warning: contains the phrase "Making love felt as if he were spooning a soft-boiled egg into me".

And if you've had enough of the office and want to set up shop in the spare room, there are some ideas for making your home-working environment as snazzy as possible in today's Independent.

Posted by on October 2, 2008

A look at an inspiring family and how breakfast clubs and after school activities have changed their lives


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