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Monday headlines: Russia's IT girls, WAGS, Palin on SNL, image consultants, Anna Friel

wags.jpgFirst up we have the glorious Victoria Coren in the Guardian defending the WAGS against bitchy women journos who'd put words into their mouths. "Their message is: even when your husband is so rich and famous that you could sit on your arse all day at no loss to your standard of living, you should still pursue your own goals."

In a similar vein (do two stories constitute a theme?) a story about Russian women. They're not always associated with style - but all that's changing. There's a new wave of super-rich IT girls over there, and they're all about independent financial means. It's a start, I guess...

And we've all seen Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live by now, but here's some analysis of the rap (and a clip)...

Would you hire an image consultant? It's sort of a neat idea (in a way) but do we all really want to look like Alexa Chung or Fearne Cotton? Checked shirts all round.

Also in The Mail (sorry), Anna Friel "vows" she'll "never conform to the Hollywood stick insect image". I'm looking at the pictures hoping it's all a funny satire.

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Posted by on October 20, 2008


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