peaches-geldof-2012.jpgBack to the why do we hate certain women question from earlier, maybe. I never like to be unsisterly, as you know, but it's time to fess up. I'm really not keen on Peaches Geldof. Of course, I don't know her. I imagine she might be nice in real life. But the PG that we hear about in magazines and on the telly (I'm thinking of the massively self-important moment with the Geldof girls 'hijacking' the Big Brother house back in January) - this lady I don't think I'd like to be friends with.

I think one of the more annoying things about her is her massive self-belief, which I almost certainly find annoying because it's something I wish I had (although even then it's less annoying than her hipsterishness). She's just started a column for Nylon magazine, which has been universally slated - presumably to no great concern on her part (see self-belief thing). So, what I'm wondering is, are we just jealous of Peaches, as more sisterly writer Alice Wignall reckons, or are we right to be rubbed the wrong way by her? Or maybe you love her, in which case we'd like to hear from you, too. Comments? Thoughts? Hmm?