Friday news: women and risk, serena's bikini, cheap coats, girls' brains, survivor stories, chocolate


serena.jpgThere's a fashionable theory knocking around that men are better at taking risks and that, as Alice Miles wrote in the New Stateman recently, a few more women around might've stymied the current finance crisis. Noorjehan Barmania disagrees: "Women can be highly aggressive risk-takers and are easily as bullish as men. The appetite for power seems to equalise the genders." Discuss?

Everyone's going on about the pictures of Serena Williams in her bikini... but am I the only one who thinks she looks amazing?

Catwalk Queen has opened up a whole world of credit crunch shopping to us recently. We love the £15 Asda coat.

Girls are way ahead of boys even before they get to school, according to a new study.

For breast cancer awareness month, there's an inspiring survivor story right about here.

...and, as it's the last day of Chocolate Week, a mouthwatering article about the sweet stuff for your delectation.

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