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Work or men? Must we choose?

fionap.jpgAn old chestnut has been dug up by the squirrels at the, um forest that is The Sun (how far are you planning to take this? - ed) The chestnut of work vs family.

Fiona Phillips and Denise Van Outen have both cut back on work recently to devote more time to their home life. But what do you think about all this? Can it ever be right to put your man's 'needs' before your career?

Obviously you're reading Dollymix, you're no 'Waity Katy' hanging around for the rich hubby to come along. But when it comes to family and career, can it sometimes be worth giving up a job to devote more time to a relationship or home life? Would he do the same for you? Personally I'm torn between wondering why anyone ever actually wants to work, and knowing that I go mental within a fortnight if I don't have a ton of work to do and people to see. I wouldn't give up work for a relationship, because if I did, I'd be miserable, dependent and boring, and he'd dump me anyway.

That's it really. Discuss.

Posted by lovemaus on September 2, 2008 in Celebrities, Women on Top, Women's "Ishoos", Work and Business | Permalink


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