Touched-up before touch down - coping with harrassment on an aeroplane


"Did I remain seated next to a frisky nut job for the next six hours - taking into consideration that if we ever took off the cabin lights would be dimmed and I might become the first reluctant member of the mile-high club - or did I complain to one of the Virgin staff? And if I did, what would I actually say to the flight attendant? 'Excuse me, but that lady keeps touching me' sounds a trifle pathetic. If it had been the other way round, and I was molesting her, I suspect the course of action would be more obvious."

I suppose the obvious bottom line is that it's a bit more difficult for a woman to force an uninterested man to go all the way. But sexual harassment can be irritating and humiliating without any intention or threat of sexual coercion.

Why is it sort of funny when a woman's doing this to a guy, and threatening when it's the other way around? Is it similar to those news stories about older women having flings with teenaged boys - that there's something almost funny in the way these stories are reported, but when older men and young girls get together no one's laughing?

Is Jeremy just massively over-reacting?

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