Daddy or Chips? Dollymix interview with Diane Shipley


dianephoto.jpgLast week's Daddy or Chips interviewee person was Elizabeth "Lovely Things" Varley, and this week we bring you someone equally plugged into that there webosphere - Diane Shipley, one time editor of Trashionista, freelance writer, occasional Dollymix columnist, and marketing consultant for e-publishing site YUDU.

Mac or PC?

I have a PC but it's not a political statement or anything, they're just cheaper.

Buffy or Angel?

With the conviction of someone who has never watched either I'm saying Buffy, for sure.

Wii or Xbox 360?

Never used either, but the Wii looks better by far.

MySpace or Facebook?


Heels or Flats?

I love how heels look but my feet hate how they feel, so I'm always in flats.

Heroes or Lost?

Heroes! Although I've only just started series two. I'm looking forward to seeing Veronica Mars...

Crocs or Uggs?

Oh, Uggs are comfy.

Going out or staying in?

Staying in. Or going out. Can I say both?

Buy it or Download it?

Buy, then download!

Jack or Sawyer?

Is Jack played by Matthew Fox? Him.

Puppy or kitten?

Kitten! Closely followed by puppy.

Shower or bath?


Shave or wax?

Either shave or get a professional to wax - home waxes are the worst.thing.ever.



Times or Arial?

I'm all about the Trebuchet these days.

X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing?

Strictly, no contest! It's the highlight of my year.

North or South?

North! It's far from grim up here.

General or local (anaesthetic)?

Knock me out, I say

Oasis or Blur?


Home or Away?

Ooh, away as much as possible... I've got itchy feet.

French or Saunders?

Dawn French is the ab fab one if you ask me...

Fight or flight?

Flight - I'm such a wimp!

Borders or Waterstones?

Borders 'cos it has magazines. And the one in Perth, Australia has a Gloria Jeans cafe with the best toffee tarts...

Samantha Jones or Charlotte Yorke?

Neither - Miranda with a dash of Carrie.

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